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Why Business Owners Love Pylon Signs

Mc Donald's Pylon Signage in Jacksonville, FL

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Pylon signs are indispensable for businesses that are located away from roads or are hidden behind obstructions like trees. A lot of businesses that cater to drivers, like auto shops and gas stations, depend on signs mounted on pylons. Even strip malls and commercial complexes have numerous elevated business directories dotted around the park.

Pylons are seen as somewhat niche signage, but the business owners that need them absolutely love them! In this article, we discuss the benefits of pylon signs and look at how they help businesses solve a common problem – visibility.

Custom pylon signs are not just signage, they can become local landmarks.

Benefits of pylon signs

1. Brand, brand, brand

“Build your brand”, that’s the mantra in the world of marketing and there are few better ways than a tall pylon for doing that. The height of the sign means it towers above trees, buildings and other signs in the area. Signs can be seen from miles away which drives top of mind recall.

2. Completely customizable signs

No two signs on pylons are the same. At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, we custom build pylon signage to the specifications provided. Our customers can choose the configuration, size, shape, color, lighting, font and graphics of the pylon to suit their purpose completely.

3. ‘Personal’ billboard

Rent a billboard in downtown Jacksonville and you will likely have to pay thousands of dollars every day in rent. A custom pylon sign is like your own personal billboard. Install it once and you don’t have to pay recurring fees on it! Even at commercial plazas, space for a pylon may already be included in the rent agreement.

4. Changeable messaging

Changeable lettering made pylons a favorite of roadside businesses around the United States and they have been used for decades at gas stations to display the price of gas. Today, far more advanced LED pylon signs are available, which can be controlled electronically to display virtually any message at the click of a button.

5. Advertise day and night

Couple incredible visibility and modern lighting technologies and what you get is a sign that can promote the business 24/7. LEDs consume a fraction of the power of halogens and neon and business owners are often amazed at the low cost of illuminating their sign all night long.

What types of businesses use signs mounted atop pylons?

There is a preconception that only establishments trying to attract vehicular traffic use elevated signage. That was the case in the past, but the last few years have seen increasing use of these signs as businesses compete harder for customers. Here are some businesses that use pylons:

  • Auto shops
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants and diners
  • Hotels and hospitality venues
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Car dealerships
  • Commercial complexes
  • Strip malls

Interested in getting an LED pylon sign for your business? Talk to a representative to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.

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