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Office Lobby Signs

Great lobby signs can help you make the most of your lobby. After all, the lobby is a big opportunity to make an impression on your customers when they first walk in the door. A custom lobby sign should also reflect your brand and its values while helping your business stand out among the competition. At Jacksonville Signs & Graphics, we can help you do just that and take advantage of the other opportunities to communicate in your lobby.

What Are the Benefits of a Lobby Sign?

Why do you need a lobby sign? There are many benefits to a reception area with a lobby sign that can improve your business appearance and create a positive customer’s experience.

New customers may be unsure where to go when they walk into your lobby. Let them know that they are in the right place with a easy to read office lobby sign. This is especially true for common offices, as you may be sharing your office space with other businesses.

It’s always a wise idea to reinforce your brand image. A well-designed lobby sign should embody your brand and what you want to communicate. If you need to change your brand image, the lobby is a great place to start as your customers will see the lobby sign first.

A professional and quality lobby sign symbolizes that your business is strong and reliable. Those attributes inspire trust in your customers because they see you as a successful and respected player in your industry.

Design Decisions for Your Lobby Sign

To make the most of your lobby sign you need one that reflects the key aspects of your brand. Each element of the sign is important. Here are a few things to consider.

Each type of sign material makes a very different impression on people. Which sign material suits your brand best?

Reception area signs can be lit or rely on natural lighting. If you choose a lit sign it can be more impactful. Which type of lighting is right for you?

Should your lobby sign include your brand name, logo, slogan, or a combination? It depends on a few factors, including the size of the sign, what your customers will respond to, and many other factors.

Get A Better Lobby Sign from Jacksonville Signs & Graphics

Your brand is important, so you need quality lobby signage that really reflects your strengths, differentiates you from your competition and impresses your customers. Jacksonville Signs and Graphics focuses on creating a lobby sign that is customized for you and your company reflecting your needs and objectives. Choose us for your next custom lobby sign. Contact us today to receive a free quote.


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