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Bathroom Signs

Any business with a brick and mortar location will need bathroom signs, for employees and customers. Yet, not all businesses realize that their restroom signs can contribute to their customer’s comfort in their building, and the overall look and feel of the property. 

One critical aspect to consider regarding bathroom signs is ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).   When updating bathroom signs, you can rely on Jacksonville Signs and Graphics knowledge and expertise to ensure you meet federal and state regulations so you can focus on your business.

The Beauty of Custom Bathroom Signs

Many businesses ignore their bathroom signs when they refresh the interior décor of their space, or when they buy new signs and graphics for their building. 

Your customers may wonder how much attention you’ll really pay to the work environment and employees when you have old signs on your bathrooms. However, if your customer instead finds custom bathroom signs that match the rest of the office design and atmosphere, they will appreciate your attention to detail and commitment to strong visual communications. Managing your customer’s experience and making them feel welcome are two important parts of making a great impression.

ADA Restroom Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act has a few guidelines for where washroom signs should be placed, and what they should look like. They must include Braille, have high-contrast colors to help with readability and be within a certain distance to the door. There are other requirements for ADA signs. We can help you ensure that all necessary signs follow the rules.

Practical Bathroom Signs

For some businesses, a bathroom sign may be a more important part of the space than other signs. These signs may be seen more often at doctor’s offices, daycare centers, department stores, office environments, and other businesses that require people to be in the building for long periods of time. If your business sees more than normal traffic to the bathroom, those signs are that much more important.

Jacksonville Signs & Graphics: Your Partner for Bathroom Signs

At Jacksonville Signs & Graphics, we’re always looking for ways to improve signs to help your business stand out. Even staple signs, like restroom designs, get our full attention. Reach out to us today to refresh your space.  Contact us to receive a free quote.


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