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5 Benefits of Investing in Wall Murals

Custom wall graphics for Store by Jacksonville Signs & Graphics

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There are a lot of options for decoration out there, but few are as versatile as wall mural wallpapers. Businesses and homeowners are increasingly turning to wall graphics for refreshing their spaces. Why? Simply because murals are far more convenient to work with than paint: they are non-destructive, easy to install and take off, don’t make a mess, and do not make the room unusable for a prolonged period of time. Best of all, vinyl murals are extremely cost-effective. In this article, we look at five of the biggest benefits of investing in wall murals for your office or your home.  

  1. Make a great first impression: Whether they’re graphic or text-based, a mural will grab a person’s attention and hold it when they first walk into the room. Murals are excellent for creating that “wow” first impression. No wonder so many offices install graphics in lobbies and reception areas.
  2. Memorable information presentation: Whether you are a restaurant owner posting a menu, a tech firm listing your services, or simply using murals as wall art in the lobby, murals are great ways of creatively presenting information. Team murals across your premises to subtly create a sense of urgency and drive buying decisions.
  3. Stand out from the competition: Online and offline competition is a fact of life for virtually every business. If you want to make yourself stand out, wall mural decals can help create a unique experience for visitors and be the distinguishing factor that you need to help you stand out. Well-designed murals can be fodder for social media sharing too – helping you really get the word out about your establishment.

In modern business differentiating yourself from the competition is half the battle for getting noticed by visitors.

  • Designed to be customized: Creativity and customization are fundamentals of wall mural decals. Personalize your graphics to your needs and space. Use murals to show off wall art, advertise products and services or simply to redecorate your space. You can incorporate old photographs, portfolios, or any combination of text and graphics in the design.
  • Wall murals are very durable: Not only are they beautiful, murals and decals are also impressively durable. Unlike paint murals, they resist stains and scratches and can be wiped clean in the event of spills. They also protect walls from shoes scuffs and scratches, making vinyl decals even handier when it comes time to change offices.

Did you know a vinyl mural can be installed in a matter of minutes (depending on size), unlike paint that takes days to dry?

Wall mural wallpapers are some of the most cost-effective and personalized decoration options you will find. At Jacksonville Signs & Graphics we help business owners design the graphics they are looking for. From small stickers above light switches to large vistas in lobbies, we print and install them all. Discuss your design with a representative and receive a quote.

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