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Acrylic Signs in Jacksonville, FL

Premium-feeling acrylic plaques & signs that you can personalize to your heart’s content in Jacksonville. We design, cut, and print completely personalized acrylic door signs. Choose from custom cut letters, logos, door signs, and thousands of other acrylic office signs!

High-quality, affordable frosted acrylic signs for your office available in a wide range of finishes.

We work with main street stores in Jacksonville, offices, healthcare providers, professionals, educational institutions, and many other businesses for indoor and outdoor acrylic signs. Speak to a representative today to discuss your signage needs.

What is an Acrylic Sign?

Acrylic is a lightweight but durable material that offers the premium feel of glass with the durability of plastic. It is available in a number of finishes, including clear acrylic signage, frosted acrylic signs, opaque signs, and more. Acrylic signs are also often called ‘Plexiglas signs’ or ‘acrylic glass signs.’

Custom acrylic signs have become one of the most common types of signs in commercial premises in Jacksonville, Florida. They are durable, easy to clean, look premium, and are completely customizable for branding. Some common uses of acrylic signs are:

Our signs can be designed for almost any application. Choose from a variety of installation options, too – including hanging signs, blade signs, and door signs. Add LED lighting for truly 21st-century signs! 

Cost of Acrylic Signs in Jacksonville

Acrylic signs are some of the most cost-effective signage you will find in Jacksonville. The cost of your signs will depend on the type of acrylic panel, size of the panel, gauge of acrylic, and the method of printing you have chosen.

Choose from two types of acrylic sign printing:

Standard (or front) surface printing – Ink is applied to the front of the sign, creating a non-glossy, matte finish.

Sub-surface (or second surface) printing – Ink is applied to the rear of the acrylic sheet. This offers a gloss effect because the image must be viewed through the acrylic.

Looking for inexpensive acrylic wall signs? Standard surface printing is a cheaper option than sub-surface printing.

Not sure what kind of sign will work best at your premises? Our team helps customers design a complete signage strategy, advising on the best signage options and where they should be installed.


Stop Searching for Acrylic door Signs & plaques Near you

Jacksonville Signs and Graphics is a full-service acrylic door sign manufacturer in Jacksonville, creating all types of large and small signs. We make getting acrylic signs as easy as clicking a button!

Quality acrylic plaques is our foremost priority, and we are proud to offer signs that look better and last longer. It’s why so many businesses only trust us for their acrylic sign printing in Jacksonville, FL. A professional team will work with you to create custom designs, fabricate your signage, and install the signs you want.

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