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Pylon Signs

Want to get the ultimate sign that helps potential customers far and wide find your business? Pylon signs are incredible tools for attracting the attention of fast-moving vehicular traffic and pedestrians alike. If your business is located next to a highway, busy roadway or needs to scale over obstructions, get a pylon sign today!

Pylon signage help businesses promote offerings far more widely and capture the impulse purchase.

Businesses like diners, gas stations, hotels, entertainment venues, hospitals and business parks rely on pylons to highlight their presence, advertise pricing and build brand awareness. Property owners are also generating thousands in advertising revenue by installing pylons on their property! 

What is a pylon sign?

A pylon is comprised of a medium to large sign mounted high off the ground on poles. Since the signboard is placed far off the ground and has a large fascia, it is easier to read from a distance from fast-moving vehicles. It’s why most pylons are placed adjacent to highways and roadways. These are commonly found at gas stations around Jacksonville – usually with a live price ticker – and as parking pylon signs. Poles can be made of metal or wood, while the sign itself can be heavily customized. The sign itself may be a simple board with lettering, vinyl billboard, neon sign, channel letter sign, or a digital display. There are also a large number of lighting options to choose from, and signs are designed to be illuminated 24/7.

At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, every sign is designed and custom built to the customer’s specifications. Discuss your design with our team. We can create virtually any type of sign for your business.

Importance of having signs installed by professionals

Custom pylon signs are a significant investment for a business, and quality construction is essential. Since signs may overhang public spaces, they must be fit for purpose and must be engineered to be safe. We assist customers with meeting health and safety requirements, city permissions, pre-mounting preparation, safety features and more. Regular inspection and maintenance is a must to ensure signs are stable and within design tolerances.

Our signs stand tall for years, helping you get the maximum return on your investment.

Pylon Sign Services

Design | Permissions | Build | Installation | Maintenance | Removal

Complete Commercial signage solutions

Your signage needs to promote your brand and look good for many years. It’s important to get a top-quality custom channel letter sign that can withstand time while making your brand more appealing. Jacksonville Sign & Graphics is dedicated to the quality of your signs above all else. Work with us to get signs that become asset for your business.  Contact us today to receive a free quote on your next project.


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