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Plexiglass Signage

As a sign company in Jacksonville, FL our specialty is creating custom signs for businesses customized to their needs. Whether it is safety signs, wayfinding signage, or signs for advertising that capture attention and increase customer traffic.

But plexiglass is unique and can be used for more than signage. It has a variety of uses in many different industries.

What is Plexiglass Used For?

There are many ways businesses use plexiglass, including:

Simply put, plexiglass is often used in applications that require glass. It is considered safer than glass because it is impact resistant, scratch resistant, and it doesn’t leave behind glass shards if it is broken. When it breaks, it tends to break in larger, dull-edged pieces which are easier and safer to clean up.

It is ideal for safety glass because it can withstand more impact. You can have an extra layer with laminated plexiglass and enjoy double the protection.

What is the Difference Between Acrylic Glass and Plexiglass?

This is a common question we hear from our clients. Plexiglass and acrylic glass are actually the same thing. Plexiglass is a brand of acrylic glass; people often call any type of transparent acrylic material plexiglass.

We believe in using plexiglass when cutting glass and plastic sheets for signage because it is a trusted material that provides the durability our customers deserve. Using plexiglass ensures you get a high-quality finished product, every time.

Plexiglass Safety Glass

Plexiglass is ideal to create a safety barrier in manufacturing industries because it is transparent. You can see through them and into machines, and it is sturdy enough to hold back a person’s weight, in the case of a slip or fall.  Tempered plexiglass barriers are particularly effective for safety barriers because of its increased strength and durability. If you need strength, tempered plexiglass is the only choice because it is 5 times stronger than regular plexiglass.

It can also be used to create a safety barrier in banks, retail, stores, and hospitals. Businesses were ordering plexiglass in high quantities during the pandemic because hospitals have been using them to create safer, more hygienic workspaces for years. Healthcare providers knew how effective plexiglass acrylic sheets are for creating a sterile environment.

Plexiglass Signage and Window Films

It is no secret that a well-crafted signage system can vastly improve the interior of your business. Plexiglass signs are perfect for medical offices because they have a clean look that makes people feel they are in a clean environment.

Many office managers love the look and request acrylic business logos to enforce their branding around their office. We can create a cohesive business signage collection, and make all your signage from plexiglass, and frosted glass films can be used in rooms you need privacy in to match the decor.

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