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Do your company employees spend a lot of time on the road? Wouldn’t it be nice if you spend your travel time advertising your company and your products or services? Vinyl car wraps for your business are just the solution. They can announce your brand on the side of your work car, van, fleet, or any other vehicle you or your staff might use – including golf carts in the warehouse! Learn more about how vehicle advertisement works from the experts at Jacksonville Signs & Graphics.

What is a Vinyl Car Wrap?

Those eye-catching signs you see on a vehicle are not painted on. Instead, the text and graphics you see are printed onto sheets of durable, high-quality vinyl material. The vinyl is then applied to the vehicle. Partial car wraps might cover only some parts of the vehicle. A full vehicle wrap may make use of every spot on the vehicle to advertise your brand. Neither interferes with the function of the car in any way. 

How Does a Car Wrap Benefit My Company?

The best car wraps reflect your brand image perfectly and make a positive impression on those who see it. The potential benefits of this kind of advertising include:

  • Truly local: A car wrap only advertises where you drive it. That way, you can target people who live in your service area and truly make an impact on them.
  • High ROI: Vehicle wraps are relatively inexpensive, especially considering how long they last. Depending on where you drive, you could make thousands of impressions per day.
  • Naturally appealing: They are not intrusive, like pop-up ads or commercials. Instead, many people perceive car wraps positively as they spark curiosity. People who view cars wraps tend to think favorably of a company because they know you invested in the wraps to gain their attention.

What Maintenance Is Needed for Custom Car Wraps?

Whether you choose to get vinyl wraps installed on a single vehicle or a whole fleet, you will not need special maintenance. You need to gently wash your vehicle wrap occasionally, just as you would wash any vehicle. In fact, you can take the wrap off the vehicle at any time with ease and without ruining the paint beneath. If you leave the wrap on, it will advertise your brand for years.

Choose Jacksonville Signs & Graphics for Your Car Wrap

We’re the sign company that strives to exceed your expectations every time. We’ll work with you to get the perfect design for your car wrap. Reach out today to get started. 

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