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Why Are Floor Decals so Effective?

Vinyl floor decals for safety purpose

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The vast majority of people navigate their surroundings keeping their eyes firmly on the ground – making floors the most important visual touchpoint. Yet, today floor signage is one of the most underutilized forms of advertising and wayfinding.

In this article we look at what it is that makes vinyl floor decals so effective.

Why are floor decals so effective?

Floor decals are effective because they are located right in people’s line-of-sight and because their presence is so unexpected. Specifically, there are three aspects that make them such excellent promotional and wayfinding tools – ‘the element of surprise’, location, and creativity.

Most consumer-facing establishments don’t use their floor space efficiently for promotions, repeat branding and wayfinding.

1. The Element of Surprise

Floor graphics are a relative rarity in the consumer world. They are neither commonly used for showing directions nor for promotional activity. When customers see floor graphics, they are pleasantly caught off guard, which creates a sense of intrigue. This gives custom floor graphics an unparalleled ability to attract attention.

Did you know vinyl floor graphics are commonly used in commercial/industrial environments – such as warehouses – where they are used to guide foot traffic, comply with safety bylaws and guide robotic machinery?

2. Advantageous Location

People look at the floor as they walk which places floor decals front and center. Graphics that are installed at locations where visitors tend to linger or are most alert will garner even more impressions. Entrances and staircases are two good examples of that. In fact, custom floor graphics placed strategically can be used for promotions and for driving sales by leading prospective customers directly to them.

3. Show off your creativity

Unlike billboards and traditional signage which is constrained by its dimensions, floor decals do not face these limits. Decals can be large or small, intricate or simple, colorful or monochromatic. The most creative decals incorporate multiple elements to create a narrative that really shows off the creative credentials of the business. No matter the industry, floor decals can be custom designed to suit your business.

They aren’t just a great visual feature; floor signs are designed to be anti-slip and may make your premises safer.

Types of Floor Graphics

It is difficult to compile an exhaustive list of the types of floor graphics you can use because rarely are two graphics the same. That said, here are a few graphics you can consider for your business.

  • Directional arrows
  • Physical distancing signs
  • Sales and discounts
  • Floor numbering
  • Safety signs

The ease with which floor signs can be installed and removed makes them ideal for seasonal advertising too.

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