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Looking for Business Signs Near Me?

Want to make your space look more professional? Looking for ways to improve the customer experience? Indoor and outdoor commercial signs are a great way to make your space smarter, easier to navigate, and safer. Jacksonville Signs and Graphics works with businesses across the city to fulfill their signage needs, with branded signs, ADA signs, and many more.

Choose from thousands of indoor and outdoor sign options for your business.

Our team works with you to find the right standard and custom signs. We build signs for all types of businesses in Jacksonville–main street stores, professional firms, large office complexes, healthcare providers, condominiums, marketing companies, and more. Whether you need a single sign or need to outfit your premises completely with new signs, we are the team for you. Speak to a representative to find out about offers on complete business sign packages.

What is a Business Sign?

‘Business sign’ is a broad term for a variety of indoor and outdoor business signs used at commercial establishments. Signs are used for marketing, branding, to improve user experience, and comply with local bylaws.

Here are a few types of indoor and outdoor signs. 

Interior business signs

Exterior business signs

Don’t see the sign you are looking for? There are many uses of business signs, and as a full-service business sign manufacturer in Jacksonville, we have almost all types of corporate signs. Our team can custom design and custom fabricate any sign you need. 

Cost of Business Signs

We work with start-up, small, mid-sized, and large businesses in Jacksonville. Choose from materials such as aluminum, steel, acrylic, foam, coroplast, wood, and plastic for your signs. Material choice can significantly impact the cost of the sign. We can help you reduce cost by suggesting the most appropriate material for your intended application.

Lighting options are the cornerstone of many signs today, and there are several affordable options available. We offer all types of lighting, including LED, neon, and spotlighting. LEDs are extremely cost-effective, being relatively inexpensive to install and operate.

Finally, the design of the sign itself affects its cost. Complex designs, intricate detailing, and unconventional mounting can make the sign more expensive. Our team helps you find the ideal signs for your budget.

We offer a wide range of options for custom business signs for all budgets! 

Your Trusted Jacksonville Sign Company

Stop searching for “commercial sign companies near me” on Google. For quality custom signs, safe installation, and signs that last, visit Jacksonville Signs and Graphics. We are proud to work with business owners and managers across the city. Your satisfaction is a topmost priority for us. It’s why we work closely with every customer to design the signs they want.

An experienced team designs and prints/fabricates signs in-house; we install and service signs too. We accept large and urgent orders.

Speak to a representative about getting more business.


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There are many signage providers in Jacksonville, FL, but we are willing to put our quality and customer care up against any one of them. We are confident in our abilities and encourage anyone interested in getting signs for their business to contact us so we can discuss all the details of what we offer.

Signage serves many purposes, one of which is to spread awareness about your business and to let people in your community know what services and products you offer. There is more to it than that, but in simplest terms, if you don’t make your presence known, people will not even know your business exists.

The main purpose of signage is to deliver a message to the public. This could be a message about your business, it could be directions or safety warnings, or it could be information in regard to everyday life (parking signs, hours of operation, etc).

It depends on many factors, such as:

  1. The complexity of the design.
  2. The size of the sign.
  3. The materials used.
  4. And the manufacturing process involved.

All of this is discussed before we take on your project so we can give you an accurate time frame.

We have graphic designers who are experienced in working with all types of file formats, including PDFs, vector file formats, and high-resolution raster file formats. Together, we can figure out a solution to fit your application of choice.

We work with so many materials, in different styles and sizes, that there are too many options to list. You can have illuminated signage, durable outdoor signage made from bricks and wood, and even vinyl graphics and lettering for your vehicles, windows, and walls. No matter what type of material you choose, we can customize it with a unique design and colors to create something special.

We offer both sleek, professional materials for your indoor signs (such as acrylic, wood, and vinyl) and durable materials for your outdoor signage, like concrete and metal. The materials used depend on where we install your signs.

It depends on where it is installed and what materials it is made of. That being said, we make sure to use high-quality materials and provide expert installation techinques to make signage solutions that last a long time. Combined with regular mainteance, signs can last for years down the road.

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Types of products and services you are looking for:*