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Outdoor Healthcare and Medical Facility Signage in Jacksonville, FL

While there are many industries where an easy-to-understand, communicative signage system is necessary, they are especially crucial in healthcare. In some circumstances, signage in a healthcare facility can be the difference between life and death! Make sure your signage system is set up to make your facility functional and keep everyone safe.

At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, we take healthcare signs seriously because we understand the importance of your facility being properly equipped. We create clear, impactful signage for businesses in Jacksonville, FL, and take great pride in doing an exemplary job of creating an orderly signage system for healthcare facilities.

For more information on the types of healthcare signs we manufacture, contact us and request a quote.

Wayfinding & Directional Signage

Wayfinding signage that makes your facility easy to navigate is paramount. They guide people to find the help they need and may prevent negative consequences. In emergencies, having clear signage that points people to their desired destination saves lives. They also:

  • Eliminate stress for family members
  • Help new employee navigate an unfamiliar space
  • Make everyone feel safer and better prepared
  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of your facility
  • Reduce late or missed appointments

Outdoor Hospital and Medical Center Signs

If people arrive at your facility and do not know where to go or park, time is often wasted and negative feelings arise. Confusion, frustration, and disorientation can negatively impact the perception a client or patient has about a business. While healthcare businesses are in the business of helping people, they must maintain a client base to remain successful. Signage is an excellent way of preventing these negative feelings effortlessly telling people where to go, which also improves their customer experience.

If you operate a private clinic in Jacksonville, it becomes even more important to have enticing outdoor signs that attract potential patients. When you provide them with a pleasant experience from the moment they interact with your clinic, people are more likely to become repeat customers or recommend your services to friends and family.

Wall and Window Graphics

Window and wall graphics are an excellent way to enhance the environment for healthcare centers or facilities. They can be customized to create your desired atmosphere and cater to your target audience.

For example, wall graphics could be the answer to making your facility a more fun environment for sick children. Not only will these children enjoy the atmosphere of your facility, but they will also remain more at ease when they arrive, making the experience enjoyable for their parents as well.

Window and wall graphics can also incorporate interactive elements, patient stories, or inspirational quotes to uplift spirits in other areas of your facility. Window graphics specifically are useful for both indoor and outdoor advertising, marketing, and branding, as they can be targeted to passersby or individuals within the facility.


Using banners inside is a fantastic way to promote health awareness campaigns. They are low-cost, eye-catching sign solutions that offer a substantial space to incorporate educational information. From displaying safety information about emergency procedures to seasonal hygiene practices, show your patients that you care by providing them with essential information. As a healthcare professional, it is your job to inform the public of various health issues.

Your Trusted Custom Indoor & Outdoor Healthcare Signage Company Serving Jacksonville and Florida Areas

If you are looking for an outdoor healthcare sign company in Jacksonville, it’s time to partner with Jacksonville Signs and Graphics. We specialize in crafting outdoor and indoor healthcare signs; our team is ready to create one sign or an entire signage collection for your facility, clinic, or practice.

We provide reliable, professional services and aim to provide people in the public health sector with impactful, influential signage solutions; we want our signage to make a difference in saving lives, protecting our community, and promoting public health and awareness.

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