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Neon Signs Jacksonville, FL

Impactful Neon Wall Signs That Don't Burn Through Your Lighting Budget

Take your branding to the next level with neon light signs, by working with the only sign shop in Jacksonville that’s making neon signs accessible for all types of businesses.
Benefit from the unique look of neon without its biggest flaw – energy consumption. We get the desirable neon look with LEDs. 
Our LED neon is much more energy-efficient than traditional neon, and it lasts 10-times longer. 
Get indoor and outdoor neon signs that aren’t a safety hazard for you or your visitors. 
Book your free consultation for neon signs online and talk to an experienced sign professional.

All Types of Neon Signs Available

Want the neon look but don’t want the hassle of operating neon? Our LED light-up signs offer the same customizability and same great look – at a fraction of the price.
Choose from a wide range of neon signs, including:

Stop searching for neon signs near me in your search engine of choice. Our fully-equipped fabrication shop can create all types of custom neon signs. 

What is a Neon Sign?

Think of traditional neon signs as fluorescent tube lights. These are made of a durable tube that contains a gas that glows when electricity is applied to it. Signs use a combination of neon, argon, and mercury to reproduce colors.
Neon consumes a lot of electricity and requires regular servicing for safe operation. The presence of mercury makes neon tubes particularly dangerous if they are damaged.
Our LED neon signs solve all of the problems of traditional neon while building on their strengths. 
We use safe LEDs to illuminate shaped tubes. That means no harmful chemicals, complete customization, and changeable colors.

Benefits of LED Neon Light Signs

Take advantage of modern LEDs and the classic neon look. When you get signs from Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, you benefit from:

  • Minimal servicing.
  • Mercury-free signs.
  • Weatherproof signs.
  • Cost-effective signs.
  • LEDs that last up to 25,000 hours.

Businesses across the city are growing their business and cutting their energy bills with our signs.
Worried about the cost of neon signs? Our LED signs cost less than traditional neon, and cost less to operate too.

Uses of Neon Signs

Businesses in Jacksonville use signs to grow brand awareness and attract potential customers. Here’s how you can use signs for your business:

  • Attract the attention of customers with storefront signs.
  • Make a bold impression with lobby signs.
  • Add eye-catching wayfinding neon wall lights.
  • Create menus with neon signs.
  • Use signs to welcome visitors with office neon signs.

Jacksonville's Best Neon Sign Company

Jacksonville Signs and Graphics is transforming the signage experience. Discover the difference by choosing a professional neon sign company in Jacksonville, FL.
You will work with a dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact.
Our topmost priority as a neon sign company is customer service. It’s why we aren’t satisfied until you are happy with your sign. 
Book a free consultation and discuss LED neon signs for your business. 


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