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Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are full-color vinyl sheets you can permanently or temporarily apply to your flooring. In Jacksonville, you might see custom floor decals used to guide people around events, to advertise brands next to their displays or to create excitement at event venues and sports stadiums. Discover what custom floor graphics can do for your brand below.

Why Use Floor Graphics?

You have many sign choices, so why spend time on the flooring? Floor decals can help achieve your sales and marketing goals:

Advertising needs to surprise people, and custom floor decals do just that. Few people expect to see anything printed on the floor.

Beyond advertising, directional floor decals also have practical purposes, such as helping people navigate large buildings around indoor construction or a large venue.

Vinyl floor graphics are durable and can handle being walked on without scratching or peeling. Some floor decals can be used outdoors, to can improve your property’s curb appeal.

Changing the look of your floor can be affordable with custom floor graphics. Small and large spaces can be improved with a fresh-looking floor.

When Should You Use Floor Graphics?

Almost any floor can have floor graphics applied to it. Get inspired about how you can use them with these examples:

If you have a big display, or just specific areas of a retail store you want to draw people’s attention to, a floor graphic is a great option. Consider putting the product’s brand on the floor, or an announcement about the product itself.

Removable floor graphics can be used at trade shows to help your booth stand out or to direct people to your booth.

Have you seen the custom floor decals that sports teams put down on their courts? The team leveraged space seen by all fans to promote the brand.  Office buildings and retail locations can do the same thing.

Large buildings can be difficult to navigate.  Airports, hospitals and large retail spaces can use floor graphics to help direct people and enhance the shopping experience.

Museums, non-profit organizations and large event venues can use floor graphics to educate people as well as to direct them.

Work with Jacksonville Signs & Graphics on Your Next Floor Graphic

Whether you are beautifying your space or advertising with floor graphics, Jacksonville Signs & Graphics can help. We focus on quality first and are always responsive to your questions. Reach out to us today and receive a free quote.


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