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Magnetic Car Signs in Jacksonville, FL

What’s the easiest way to brand your vehicles? Use custom magnetic signs to brand your commercial vehicles and display business information. Our vehicle magnets are weather-resistant, durable, and completely customizable. Discover affordable, long-lasting signage that can be used on multiple vehicles.

Transfer your sign from one vehicle to another! It’s as easy peeling and sticking – no glue required.

Tradespeople, real estate agents, brick-and-mortar store owners, delivery drivers, and many other commercial vehicle owners in Jacksonville rely on us for custom car magnets and van signs. Get the vinyl wrap look without having to go through the process of installation! Tested on hundreds of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and heavy machinery. 

What is a Magnetic Sign?

Removable and durable, magnetic signs are a form of semi-permanent signage. Most signs are comprised of a magnetic layer and a metal, vinyl, or other face type on which the branding is printed. This allows signs to be personalized to your requirements completely. Our signs are some of the slimmest in Jacksonville, barely rising above the vehicle’s bodywork. Signs are less than one-tenth of an inch thick, with a ‘sticking’ force of about 80 lbs per square foot.

The magnet is extremely strong and can be attached to any metallic surface of the vehicle. It is essential the sign is placed on a flat surface (gentle curves are acceptable) to ensure a strong bond. Sharp creases will reduce the adhesion of the sign to the vehicle, and it can fall off at speed.

The cost of magnetic signs depends on the size, design, and material choice. Choose from an embossed, engraved, raised, or reflective finish.

Make sure you don’t leave any debris or air gaps between the sign and the vehicle!

Uses of Magnetic Signs

Business car magnets are extremely useful for businesses that don’t have a dedicated commercial vehicle, designating one occasionally for deliveries and house calls. Even larger businesses use magnetic signs, in addition to vinyl wraps, to keep their messaging fresh. 

Types of Magnetic Signs

Jacksonville Signs and Graphics stocks and prepares all types of signs. Choose from: 

All our signs are customized for your requirements. Send us your design or discuss your requirements with our team. We prepare designs, print, and deliver custom magnetic signs across the city!

It is extremely difficult to tell magnetic signs apart from vinyl graphics unless you are standing right next to the vehicle.

Looking for “Magnetic Car Signs Near Me” in Jacksonville?

Work with a signage company in Jacksonville reputed for quality, affordable signage that delivers value. As a full-service sign company, we print and install all magnetic signs in Jacksonville, vinyl graphics, decals, and more. Looking to have your sign delivered to you? We deliver across the city (and the state).

Speak to us for the best “magnetic signs near me”! 


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