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The Secret to More Customers: Unmissable Outdoor Signage

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The fastest way to attract local attention to your business is with outdoor business signage. No matter how popular online advertising gets, nothing will replace traditional signage as the most effective way to attract local customers to your business. If your business is struggling to attract a large enough customer base, it is time to update your outdoor business signage collection.

As there are many sign solutions that businesses can opt to use to elevate their exterior marketing strategy, this blog outlines the distinctive benefits that outdoor business signs have to offer.

Jacksonville Signs and Graphics is here to help you make the most of your advertising campaign to ensure your business doesn’t miss out on enticing your target audience.

How to Attract Attention with Outdoor Business Signage

Here are some key signage tips you can use to increase the exposure of your business:

Advertise in High-Volume

The more impressions you can make, the more familiar your business will become; this simple marketing equation is fool-proof for positioning your business as a preferred customer choice.

Post and panel signs are the perfect way to advertise your business. They are easily customized in terms of size, shape, messaging, and more, which allows you to design them in a way that is easily recognizable and visible. Their placement is also an excellent strategy, as they can be installed at busy intersections, outside of your business’s property, and more. Given they are easily noticed, the more people are reminded of your business, the more likely they will act.

Another sign solution that allows you to generate repeated impressions is a vehicle wrap. If your business has commercial vehicles, consider outfitting them in colourful, eye-catching wraps that capture attention in a non-obtrusive way.

Using Signage to Target Your Audience

It is critical to know your audience – from where they work to how theyspend their free time – to make impressions that matter. Once you know more about your audience, you are able to position your advertising efforts in particular spaces or include themed messaging that is more likely to resonate with them. For example, banners, window graphics, and blade signs are excellent sign solutions for this tip, as they can be easily customized and installed in a variety of places.

Visibility from a Distance

A pylon sign is your best option if you want to increase the visibility of your business, even from miles away. This sign solution is the best way to identify your business, act as a wayfinding tool, and encourage impulse purchasing decisions.

With simple messaging and bright brand colours, people will recognize the signage, whether they can read the sign clearly or not. The main advantage of this type of sign is the presence that it creates on behalf of your business.

To capitalize even more on this concept, you can use a digital pylon sign or add an illumination system to improve visibility at night. A digital sign that displays videos or has moving words are even more eye-catching and sure to get your business noticed.

Monument Signs Attract the Right Clientele

If you operate a business that prides itself on professionalism, using a monument sign can help you attract your ideal customers. These signs are durable and elegant, acting as landmarks that make prestigious, bold statements that are representative of your business.

Your Signage Partner in Jacksonville, Florida

If you are ready to elevate your business’s outdoor presence with a custom outdoor business signage collection, partner with Jacksonville Signs and Graphics. We are a full-service signage company that prides itself on transparency, customer satisfaction, and high-quality, creative signs.

Contact us through our website or message us today to book a consultation. Let’s transform your business through impactful signage!

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