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Channel Letters Jacksonville, FL

Many stores, offices, and other businesses in Jacksonville rely on channel letter signs to make their business more visible and help them stand out from the nearby competition. These bold signs highlight each letter of your brand name and are an extension of your existing branding. Lighted channel letter signs are more visible at night and make a strong impression during the day. Here’s what you need to know about this powerful sign type. 

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

There are many reasons so many properties have them. A well-designed custom channel letter sign can benefit your business in many ways: 

With their impressive size, custom letter signs stand out like no other sign. Whether it is your customers or prospects, those driving by can read the sign, unlike some awning signs or other fascia sign types that tend to be hidden and hard to see. 

These signs scream “look at me” and put the emphasis where it should be, on your branding. The font and color of channel letters can match your brand exactly. 

LED channel letter signs don’t make as much of an impact on your utility bill due to their energy efficiency. 

Ultimately, you need your outdoor sign to deliver results. These signs can support many concrete business goals, including increased visibility, improved sales, and a stronger brand image. 

Design Decisions for Custom Channel Letters

Even if you have your chosen font and brand colors all picked out, there are still some design decisions you need to consider for your lighted channel letter sign.

There are many lighting options. They can be lit internally or have a halo or 3D effect. 

You can get a different quality and a different look from multiple channel letter materials. Aluminum channel letter signs are the most popular, but you have other options we can discuss with you.

Not sure which kind of material or lighting effect is best for you? Talk with the design professionals at Jacksonville Signs & Graphics. We’ll help you create a sign that truly reflects your company and its advertising goals.

Work with Jacksonville Signs & Graphics to Get the Best Channel Letter Sign

Your signage needs to promote your brand and look good for many years. It’s important to get a top-quality custom channel letter sign that can withstand time while making your brand more appealing. Jacksonville Sign & Graphics is dedicated to the quality of your signs above all else. Work with us to get signs that become asset for your business.  Contact us today to receive a free quote on your next project.


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