How Essential are Channel Letters for Your Jacksonville Business?

Storefront LED Channel Letters in Jacksonville, FL

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Channel letters are an incredibly popular outdoor sign across Jacksonville. Businesses small and large use them above their storefront, as building signs, and even on pylons. In recent years the advent of LED lighting has made channel letters an even more attractive option. Available in a full spectrum of colors, LED lighting can be configured in a lot of different ways and is extremely energy-efficient too.

It isn’t much of a stretch to say channel letter signs are some of the most eye-catching signs in the city. Keep reading to find out what it is that makes channel letters so effective at driving foot traffic, generating leads, and improving sales potential.

Benefits of LED channel letters

Find out how these outdoor signs can help your business make a bigger impact in your community.

1. Attractive signs that build confidence

Buying decisions are governed by trust. How will a customer who can get a comparable product or service from you or five other competing offerings choose? Confidence and trust. Attractive signs imply the business is interested in customer service and holds itself to higher standards than one with drab signage. Quality signs also make the business come across as upscale, providing a further incentive to shop there.

2. Completely personalized

It is a challenge for business owners to stand out on a busy Jacksonville main street – and standard signage simply blends into the pavement. Personalized signs are essential for establishing brand awareness and driving repeat business. And that is one of the biggest strengths of LED channel letters –every aspect of the sign can be customized according to the requirements and theme of the business.

3. More bang for your buck

It bodes well that channel letters always come across as premium signs – even if they aren’t priced as such. So many of our customers ask hesitantly about dimensional letters expecting an exorbitant price and are surprised to hear how affordable they can be. The trick is in choosing the right design and customization options. Pay attention to your material choice, the complexity of the design, installation options, and lighting configuration to keep signs within budget.

4. Illuminated signs market your business 24/7

These signs don’t just help you shine brighter; they make your business unforgettable! LEDs are a tasteful addition to signs. Modern LEDs are so energy-efficient and so reliable that they can be used day or night. In fact, many businesses just leave their sign illuminated because LEDs add so little to their energy bill. Since signs can be front-illuminated, backlit/halo-lit, or combination lit, businesses can create some truly incredible lighting effects. Recreate a neon-lighting effect or dazzle customers with statement open-face signs.

At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, our goal is to equip you with signs that help your business compete harder. We know the importance of signage to your business, which is why our team works closely with every customer to design unique signs. Speak to a representative today about your requirements.

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