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Design Your Own Food Truck Wraps for Business

Best food truck wraps

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According to the National Food Trucks Association, food trucks are a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. And with good reason too: food truck wrap design are the bedrock of the office crowd during the day, night owls, and weekend park goers. It’s not a leap to say they truly are part of Jacksonville’s life!

For food truck owners, though, it is a tough business. Competition is fierce, and customers can switch allegiances to the truck parked next door in a heartbeat. It’s why food truck owners make such an effort to deck out the truck as much as possible. Over-the-top branding helps attract clientele and gives the business a unique identity.

In this article, we are looking at the most crucial elements for food truck wraps. Find out what elements you can include to make a bigger impression and drive sales.

Designing Food Truck Wraps for Your Business

We have said this time and time again: food truck wraps are a great way to build brand awareness and increase revenue. Keep these elements in mind when you design your van or pickup truck wraps, and watch them drive hungry patrons to your truck.

Vinyl truck wraps really resist fade and stains – next time a customer spills something on the truck, don’t worry about it; just wipe it off with a wet cloth.

Branding with food truck wrap design  

The bolder, the better! Food truck owners have a small window in which to make a big impression. Choose bold colors and large lettering to make sure people recognize the name of your business. Why not incorporate some of your menu items in the design? They will build a brand-cuisine association too.


Many owners forget to include their menus with their vinyl truck wraps, which is frankly shocking. The first thing patrons will do is look at what’s cooking and then check the menu. Including it in large font on your truck wraps makes that process of discovery that much easier.

Chalkboard finish wraps

Sure there are some things you cannot include in a printed wrap. Things like specials of the day and deals are constantly changing, and you want an easy-to-modify surface. That’s where vinyl wraps with a part chalkboard finish come in. Write down chef’s specials, lunch/late-night offers, and pricing.

Social media call-outs

Think hashtags and @handles are destined to only be shared on the internet? No! Start incorporating hashtags in your truck’s decals to drive social media traffic and greater engagement. Food trucks can quickly go viral on social media and soon start a loyal following. That’s another way of winning customers for the next day.

Promote deliveries

With COVID-19, online food orders and delivery have grown tremendously. Promote your own menu online, affiliation with Uber Eats, or any other food delivery service in Jacksonville, FL. If you want, you can even get pickup truck wraps for a smaller vehicle that makes delivery runs.

Think about adding a collapsible sign on the roof if your truck is parked in the spot a few hours at a time.

Jacksonville Signs and Graphics installs truck wraps for all types of vehicles, including food trucks, delivery vans, heavy machinery, company cars, and more. Speak to a representative about your requirements today.

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