Are Car Wraps a Good Investment for Your Jacksonville Business?

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Truck wraps are a common sight on our roads. Couriers, internet providers, tradespeople have their business name emblazoned across the sides of their pick-ups, vans, and trucks. However, businesses are increasingly looking at car decals as a means of advertising and branding.

Company cars – essential tools of the trade for traveling salespeople, taxis, utility companies, first responders, and restaurant delivery vehicles, to name a few – have not typically been wrapped. You would be hard-pressed to tell a ‘commercial’ car from a private, self-owned vehicle. It’s why business owners are looking to install vinyl wraps. Vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to reach millions of people in a large city like Jacksonville. But how effective are they as a means of advertising? Should you be considering car wrap advertising for your business?

Car Wrap Advertising Has Too Many Benefits for Your Jacksonville Business to Ignore

Wraps aren’t just a great advertising medium for brick-and-mortar stores; a whole new segment of online businesses is also turning to vinyl wraps. After all, who doesn’t want to make the most of free advertising and branding opportunities! Find out why car decals are a great way to advertise your business.

  1. Local reach – According to marketing estimates, about 85 percent of the customer base of a business is located within 5 miles of it! Cars are a great way to target this local clientele.
  2. Maximize advertising spend–According to 3M, fleet graphics can deliver a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of $0.48, the lowest of any means of outdoor advertising.
  3. No recurring rent–Unlike with billboards, businesses don’t have to pay a monthly rental fee to install and display their advertising on their vehicles.
  4. Meaningful promotions –Sincebusinesses target a relatively smaller target audience, messaging can be much more tailored and impactful.
  5. Convert with calls-to-action – Increase conversion rates with simple, meaningful messaging. People are far more likely to trust CTAs that meet their needs rather than generic ones.
  6. Tracking performance – Display phone numbers, URLs, and social media handles that can be tracked easily (phone calls, online shopping, or form fills)to gauge the performance of messaging.
  7. Optimize routes – Cars can be tracked, so you can use GPS traces to figure out which routes yield the most conversions.
  8. Affordable and changeable–Vinyl wraps are inexpensive and easy to install. That means wraps can be refreshed regularly to maximize advertising potential. Safe adhesives mean no damage to the paintwork when they are taken off.
  9. Practical benefits – There are a number of practical benefits of getting wraps too: they increase the longevity of the vehicle, protect the original paintwork from chips and scratches; and you don’t have to update the vehicle with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles every time you get the wrap changed.

Speak to Jacksonville Signs and Graphics today about graphics for your company cars today. Our team makes the entire process turnkey: we design, print, install and maintain wraps.

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