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How Custom Signs Help Businesses Achieve Their Advertising Goals

Custom signage in Jacksonville, FL

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Outdoor signs for business are a must-have for advertising. Thousands of businesses of all sizes across Jacksonville rely on custom signs to generate leads and establish a tight sales funnel. In this article, we will look at how custom business signs enable better advertising. But before we do that, let’s describe the purpose of advertising itself.

What is advertising?

Advertising is the paid presentation and promotion of products, services, and ideas by the sponsor. The goal usually is quite simple: influence peoples’ buying decisions to your favor. There are three basic objectives of advertising:

  1. Inform – Raise brand awareness and inform prospective customers about the product
  2. Persuade – Promote a sale directly or indirectly by brand association
  3. Remind – Reinforce the brand and build top of mind recall

How Advertising Helps Businesses Achieve Their Advertising Goals

Virtually any indoor or outdoor sign can be put to ‘advertising use’; however, advertisers prefer signs that will draw maximum impressions (views) and have the most significant potential to drive sales. Find out how custom signs help businesses satisfy the three objectives of advertising.

  1. Inform

Customized signage lets you portray your brand exactly the way you want to. Custom colors, shapes, graphics, and messaging mean every sign is focused on your goal. Use storefront window signs, vinyl banners, channel letters, A-frame, and other types of signs to promote your products and services.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, there are over two million spots in America where you can place your physical ad. Choose from a wide range of locations in Jacksonville where you want to advertise.

  • Persuade

Branding and messaging are two of the most critical factors in design. Begin by considering what messaging your outdoor signs for business want to convey. Signage must lead prospective customers through the sales funnel; a clear call-to-action will convert interest into leads.

Once the intended messaging is clear, its branding elements should be included. These include colors, fonts, business names, logos, and other details. Strong branding helps raise brand awareness; it also leverages the goodwill in the brand and drives sales.

  • Remind

Remarketing the promotion and retargeting the audience are essential for maximizing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Custom business signs are persistent, which makes them excellent for repeat marketing. Unlike digital advertising, TV ads, and radio spots, where ads are presented only once, running ads is an expensive proposition.

Advertise Without Breaking the Bank

Advertising is easily one of the most expensive activities any business can undertake. Fortunately, affordable custom signs are allowing businesses of all sizes in Jacksonville to promote themselves.

Speak to a representative about custom business signs. At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, we are committed to working with businesses to maximize their reach.

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