Take Your Brand’s Presence to the Next Level with LED Signs

Outdoor LED Signs for Business in Jacksonville, FL

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Think LED signs, and the mind immediately jumps to Times Square in New York. Blazing bright LED displays beam images and branding from all directions. Overwhelming? Sure. Eye-catching? Absolutely! Is that what you should hope to achieve with outdoor LED signs in Jacksonville? No, but there are elements of this form of marketing that can be beneficial.

For a small or mid-size business, more often than not, building brand awareness is foremost. LED lighted signs are some of the best marketing tools available. Before we look at how you can take your branding to the next level with digital signage, let’s briefly describe digital signage.

What are LED signs?

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are relatively new lighting technology. LEDs are small semiconductors that emit a bright light when electricity passes through them. LEDs come in three primary colors – red, green, and blue. Place many small LEDs together, and you can reproduce millions of colors (including white) and moving images. The concept is similar to how your television produces images.

Outdoor LED signs are configured in many different ways: digital displays, electronic messaging signs, ‘stock tickers,’ and more. They can be used to display videos, changeable messaging, updates, and even static images. Used correctly, these signs can supercharge your branding efforts.

  • Custom branding

Showcase any elements of your brand on digital signs. Logos, the business name, color scheme, awards, and other details can be highlighted precisely in the manner you want. Is the design looking too long in the tooth? Change it with minimum fuss.

  • Dynamic messaging

Talk about goings-on, accomplishments, and success stories with digital signage. This kind of promotion builds confidence in the brand and shows the human side of the business. Change frequently messaging to keep alive interest in the sign. Use digital signs to deploy easily changeable messaging. It’s what the big companies do in Times Square (think same tired smartphone, but exciting ads to draw attention to the brand).

Connect your business’s Instagram account to a digital display for self-updating marketing!

  • Unique presence

In time, the sign will become part of the community and give your business an enormous boost. Fresh messaging will make the sign – and by extension, your business – something of a local landmark. Prepare to be surprised by how much regular patrons like to support local Jacksonville businesses.

Tips for Maximizing Branding

Use these tips and tricks for a professional branding exercise:

  • Install digital signs in locations of high foot traffic.
  • Keep the primary brand elements consistent (such as trademark representation and colors).
  • Keep messages short and call-to-action persuasive.
  • Employ creative designers to create graphics and videos for your signage.

At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, we work with businesses across the city for all types of LED signs. Whether you need a large-format display for an arena or a small storefront window display, we are all the sign company you need. Speak to a representative about your requirements.

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