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ADA Bathroom Sign Essentials

Modern Bathroom Signs

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Restroom signs are easily the most taken-for-granted indoor signs – and one of the most useful too. Clearly labeled bathrooms are crucial for making the space comfortable for visitors (and employees). There’s nothing worse than guessing whether an unmarked door leads to a bathroom or an office!

Many major chains have long had ADA signs above the restroom door. Now, businesses across Jacksonville are jumping on the bandwagon. Keep reading to find out why bathroom signs designed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act are so important and some requisite features of ADA-compliant signage.

Why ADA-compliant Bathroom Signs are Crucial

Whether you are moving to new premises or looking to modify your existing space, you should invest in ADA bathroom signs for a number of reasons:

  • Make bathrooms more accessible for people with vision, speech, hearing, and cognitive impairments.
  • Ensure your establishment is compliant with legal requirements on accessibility.
  • Prevent chances of discrimination against visitors.
  • Project an inclusive atmosphere for all your clients and customers.

Characteristics of ADA-compliant Signs

It is a misconception that ADA signage has to all look the same. ADA signs can be customized for size, shape, design, and color. The Act prescribes specifications that must be met in order to qualify as ADA signs, not the same blue and white sign. For a full list of requirements for your ADA signs above the bathroom door, speak to a representative. Find out below some key characteristics of ADA bathroom signs.

  • Braille lettering – Braille characters are not always necessary, though required in most cases. Letters and numbers must rise 1/32 inch above the signboard. If your sign includes pictorial symbols, there must be a description of the same in braille.
  • Contrast and finish – Signs must be matte without any gloss or glare. Lettering and symbols must have a stark contrast with the background (at least 70% contrast). Either the letters or the background can be light or dark.
  • Mounting – Unlike traditional signs, ADA signs are not mounted on the door itself but on the nearest wall adjacent to the entryway. Signs have to be 60 inches above the floor and mounted such that anyone can reach within 3 inches of the sign. That means no obstructions can be present in front of the sign. Furthermore, doors should preferably swing in a way that anyone looking at the sign is not struck by it.
  • Symbols – Accessibility symbols on restroom signs must adhere to the internationally accepted symbols of accessibility.

Don’t want to do away with your existing washroom sigs? Many businesses choose to have two separate sets of signage. Since ADA signs have to be mounted on a static surface, they do not interfere/overlap with conventional signage.

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Jacksonville Signs and Graphics works with businesses across the city for their ADA signage. Whether you are looking only for bathroom signs or any other form of ADA signs, we are the team for you. We build single signs and devise complete sign packages. Contact us to claim your free signage consultation with one of our trained specialists.

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