5 reasons LED signs are great for business

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LED lighting revolutionized the way signs are built. Much smaller and easier to work with compared to neon tubes and bulbs, LEDs have allowed sign makers to make signs thinner and incorporate more complex designs. Light emitting diodes (LED) are far more durable compared to traditional lighting options. In this post, we take a look at some of the biggest benefits of custom LED signs for businesses in Jacksonville.

Greater variety in LED signs’ design

With three primary colors (red, green and blue) included into a single LED, which is several times smaller than a dime, there is a lot more freedom in design because signage is no longer confined to just one color. Sign curves can also be much tighter because LEDs can be easily hidden and incorporated into flexible sign design.

Brightness and color

LEDs are the brightest sign illumination option, so much so that they can be used in broad daylight and you will still see them lit up. Even more impressive, one LED can recreate the full color spectrum, which means your sign can visually make a strong branding impression. In fact, business owners have started to rotate the color of their sign daily.

Extremely energy efficient

You have probably heard LED signs are much more energy efficient than traditional lighting options – and they are! LED signs are so cost-effective to use that businesses even leave them on during the day. LEDs are attractive for their longer lifespan and low maintenance costs.

Did you know that LEDS are Easier to Recycle, Do not Contain Toxic Chemicals or Cause UV Emissions?

Moving images and Animation

Outdoor LED signs enable businesses to create affordable and easy-to-install digital signage that can display moving images. Tickers, animated imagery and even full video displays are possible due to LEDs. Best of all, the interface that drives them is intuitively designed and allows business owners change the message as needed.

Three basic types of sign lighting configurations

The three basic sign lighting setups are:

  • Front-lit – The front fascia of the sign is illuminated
  • Backlit – Light shines out of the back and reflects off the mounting surface
  • Spotlights – Lighting is separate from the sign and shines onto the sign

Of course, these are not mutually exclusive. Signs can incorporate one, two or all three of these lighting configurations. In fact, front and backlit signs are used commonly to achieve a sophisticated look.

LEDs cost 1/40th to light the same area versus incandescent bulbs and cost 1/10th as much to buy!

Benefits of custom LED signs for branding

Deploy LED signs correctly and they will reap huge rewards for your branding.

  1. Demonstrate your business as cutting-edge and vibrant
  2. Go viral on social media with unique outdoor LED signs
  3. Ensures your brand has the brightest sign of all
  4. Attract attention with moving graphics and animation

LED signs in Jacksonville

Looking for the best LED signs? Jacksonville Signs and Graphics helps businesses create custom LED signs that maximize their business presence. Our signs are intelligently designed to ensure they are ready to handle the heat and humidity of Florida. Speak to a sign expert today and get the right signs for your business.

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