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5 Tips to Design the Best Vinyl Wrap for Your Car

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Designing a car wrap seems like it would be easy – identify the wrap color, decide when you want it done and call the sign company. This misconception is why so many people end up disappointed when the finished product does not match their expectations of what their vehicle should look like.

To realize your vision of that special car wrap, you need to plan. A vinyl car wrap is much more than a static sign in front of a building. A wrap requires expertise related to the car’s contours, body shape, how it will look at night as well as the day.  The vehicle wrap is always in motion.

The attention to detail needed with a vinyl car wrap is why our design team always works very closely with customers in and around Jacksonville to create the best wraps in the area.

Basics to Keep in Mind

These are the basic points you need to keep in mind when you are designing car wraps.

  • Size of vehicle
  • Curves and contours of the vehicle
  • The motion of the vehicle – fast, smooth
  • Reflection of the wrap in and out of the sun
  • Current condition of the vehicle
  • Information you want on the vehicle

With these you will be able to address all aspects of the vinyl car wrap. Now we can get to the 5 essentials for designing car wraps:

1. Plan It Out

It’s very tempting to get carried away by funky designs that look good on paper, only to realize they simply don’t work with the shape of the car and its many curves and creases. Instead, plan out what you want to convey, what information needs to be included, the hierarchy of information and how it will interact with the contours of the car. Run it by your car wrap design team to get their opinion on it too.

2. Get inspired

Once you have the basic information required for the wrap, you can start to look for inspiration. Most people are not natural artists, so it is a good idea to turn to designs you like. Photos on wraps and enormous logos can be tempting but may not work with your vehicle if its flat surfaces are not large enough. Think of your design almost as art in motion. Will someone be able to read the wrap when you are driving down the highway?

3. Use Templates

A good wrapping shop will give you a template of your car. This is a digital three-dimensional re-creation of the car onto which you can ‘place’ your design. These files can be opened on most computers and are an incredible time saver and serves as a sanity check. Many customers have had their designs come out different from what they expected once it is on a digital template. Using pictures of your car or van is a good option too but beware! Pictures cannot show curves and creases in 3D.

4. Pick an Image Larger Than the Canvas

Any car wrap company near you will tell you: designing and printing wraps is not like painting on a 2D surface. There is always a possibility of the wrap needing to be a few inches larger than what you planned or it needing to be adjusted last minute. Wiggle room is essential, and the design needs to be a little larger than what you think you need. If you are using images, make sure they have enough printable pixels; if there is text at the edge, make sure it will not get cut off and doesn’t end abruptly.

5. Think Outside the Box

Do not be afraid to play around with your brand colors and logo. An unexciting car wrap is a waste of your time and money. Play around with fonts, shapes and even your own logo to make it look like you have invested time and effort into creating an exciting car wrap.

Call Jacksonville Signs & Graphics

Excited to design a car wrap for your own personal or commercial vehicle? Contact Jacksonville Signs and Graphics now to start the discussion. Did you know car wraps do not have to be applied over the entire car? We offer completely custom partial wraps, graphics on jut some of the car and even a rally or racing stripe down the middle of the car.

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