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The first rule of sales: fill the sales funnel with leads. Outdoor signs for businesses are some of the most effective ways of generating leads. Storefront signs, A-frames and window decals also help create interest. Custom banners create more lead activity due to their size, positioning, and purpose of communicating new, impactful events and promotions.

Custom banner signs are some of the most versatile signage around. Some of the common banners that you have likely seen:

  • Retractable banner signs
  • Tradeshow and booth banners
  • Overhead and ceiling banners
  • Sale and promotion banners
  • Lamppost banners
  • Sports-related banners

Banner signs are typically made of vinyl and are durable, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. Businesses across Jacksonville rely on custom banners to promote their products, services and events. Let’s explore how you too can use different types of banners to fill your sales funnel with quality leads.

How Custom Banners Help You Sell More

Showcase promotions – Banners have long been associated with special events and sales. People expect banners to inform and invite them to an enticing sale, a worthy cause or a citywide event. Use banners to boldly communicate about your discounts or other promotions. Jacksonville Signs and Graphics can help you create a sense of urgency to get customers rushing to and through your door.

Top-of-mind-recall – Custom banner signs help businesses build brand awareness. Seeing the company’s colors and logo builds top-of-mind recall. When it comes time to make that all-important buying decision, prospective customers will remember your business because of your effective brand-building.

Immense visibility – Banners offer exceptional CPM (cost per thousand impressions), one of the highest of all advertising options. The banner’s high CPM is driven by their location. Banners are usually located in busy thoroughfares – trade shows, city streets and shopping malls – which means they naturally attract a lot of attention.

Where are banner signs used?

Outdoor signs for business, such as banner signs, can be used outside and inside. However, you will find them most often used as:

  • Tradeshow advertising
  • Event promotions
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Hiring/recruitment promotions
  • Large hanging signs at sports venues
  • Beginning of the school year

Practical Benefits of Custom Business Signs

Banner signs are not only effective at driving sales, they are extremely versatile too. A business owner looking to incorporate banners as part of their outreach can look forward to several benefits.

Inexpensive signage – Designing, creating and installing banner signs is a relatively inexpensive. When compared to advertising on the radio or on television, which some companies often rely on to generate traffic, custom banners are much cheaper to produce and create longer impressions.

Reusable – These custom business signs are made of vinyl, a material that can handle the rigors of outdoor conditions. Outdoor banners can be rolled up and stored until they need to be used again. Retractable banners can be used time and time again at tradeshows, events and even at the entry of the office.

High ROI – It’s no wonder that banners win most ROI tests given their low cost of production and high advertising potential. Business owners and leaders find the decision to use banners easy for their ROI.

Fully Customized Banner Signs

At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics we work with many businesses to design and develop custom banners and signage. We take a consultative approach to create large format signs, window and office graphics and the signage you need to grow your business. Call or email us to begin the process to design, build and install custom banners for you.

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