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The Future of Trade Shows: 6 Event Trends to Transform Your Business in 2021

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Take Your Trade Show Displays to the Next Level

After a quiet 2020, trade shows are making a comeback in 2021. And boy are they back with a bang. Businesses are pulling out all the stops when it comes to snazzy trade show booths and displays.

According to analysts, trade shows still offer one of the most cost-effective ways to:

  • Upsell to existing customers
  • Attract new customers
  • Generate interest around the business

Learn about the 6 new trends that’ll help you make the most of your trade show slot.

1. Digital Displays

It’s no longer good enough to have just static vinyl booths. Customers expect to be wowed by creative films and eye-catching messaging.

That means digital displays and touchscreens are now a vital part of the booth. Think big with large format displays that promote new products.

2. Interactive Experiences

The one thing virtual trade shows have done is shown people how exciting they can be. Now that physical shows are back, people expect to be similarly engaged. A major event company suggests creating an “un-booth”. Don’t let your booth become a box of vinyl banners. Instead, mix displays with interactive experiences such as product demos and hangout zones.

3. Personalized Displays

Enormous industry events with thousands of businesses and attendees are still some time away. Right now, the trend is for smaller, niche shows that target specific segments of the market.

That means you’ll be targeting a more expert audience. It’s not good enough to have generic trade show displays that ‘cater to everyone. A more discerning customer base expects your booth to address their needs precisely.

4. Creative Trade Show Booths

Been taking the same old tired looking signs to trade shows for years? Well, it’s time to change things up. With trade shows opening up after so long, people expect businesses to bring their A-game.

Ditch the boring old font, say “No” to solid colors. Spend some time creating unique trade show supplies that highlight your brand’s values. If you need inspiration, you can always talk to our creative design team.

5. Floor Graphics

Nobody wants to look at the worn-out trade show floor. It’s why one of the hottest trends is installing vinyl floor signs. These can be used to showcase your business and new products.

They improve safety too. Vinyl is a non-slip material, which means overeager attendees are less likely to slip and fall.

6. Emphasis on Safety

We may have seen the worst of COVID-19 (hopefully) but that doesn’t mean attendees are ready to throw caution to the wind. A lot of people have concerns about being in close proximity to others where there is a greater risk of transmission.

People expect businesses to have signs to manage:

  • Queuing
  • Physical distancing
  • Hygiene reminders

You can add floor graphics and banners to manage your space.

Upgrade Your Trade Show Presence

At Jacksonville Signs & Graphics, we’re really excited by the hot new trade show trends. Work with a creative team in Jacksonville that prepares all types of trade show supplies – from digital trade show displays to customized vinyl banners.

Send us your booth layout or talk to us about what you want for your booth today.


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