Reinvigorate Your Office Interior with Wall Murals

Wall mural wallpapers

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With this unique type of signage, you can personalize the space while telling a story along the way. Wall murals create a sense of belonging as they reflect an effort to create a unique mural that says something about the company while appealing to customers. Equally important, they also create a special, memorable experience for your visitors.

From motivational quotes to graphs to vivid landscapes to company histories – a variety of mural materials can be used to create a bold statement or subtle messaging.

Benefits of Wall Murals

Eye-catching – This signage typically presents an element of surprise because people expect to see plain or limited decoration on business walls. The larger the mural, the more attention it generates.

Easy to apply – Installing wall murals takes a reasonable amount of time which means it is not as expensive as one would think. Unlike paint, mural wallpapers don’t render the room uninhabitable for days.

Tell a story – Every mural is different and where it is installed also changes the narrative associated with it. It’s a great way to inject personality into your professional space.

Easy Removal – Because they are relatively easy to install and remove, there’s nothing stopping you from changing your wall murals frequently. Seasonal themes or product launches are easy to install.

Bring Your Wall Mural to Life

Cannot think of the design you want for your walls? Jacksonville Signs & Graphics would be happy to help! Our team is always eager to lend its creative spirit. Below are a few ideas you can build on for your walls.

  1. An artistic representation of your brand
  2. Interactive map or graphs
  3. Photo collages
  4. Seasonal themes (Christmas, 4th of July, Halloween)

These are just a small sampling of our ideas.  When you work with our design team, we tailor a wall design solution to your business. If you have a portfolio to showcase, why not show it off boldly on the wall?  How about an interesting company history that spans generations and decades of time?

Answering Your Questions About Wall Mural for your Business

One of the reasons why vinyl wall displays have become so popular recently is because they meet all the practicality and ROI measures.

  • Wall murals are affordable to design and install
  • Ease of application, unlike paint
  • Available in ‘permanent’ or ‘temporary’ options
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Available in all sizes – from small to extremely large
  • Can be colorful or black and white

Wall Mural Wallpapers in Jacksonville

Murals are all about design and finish. That’s why you need a sign company like Jacksonville Signs & Graphics. We work closely with our customers to help them design engaging signs. We are a full-service sign company that partners with you to create the perfect wall mural through our sign making process – consultation, design, print and installation. Contact us now about the wall mural and graphics you have in mind and we will make it reality with you.

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