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Channel Letters That Can Boost Your Brand

Channel Letters

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Businesses across Jacksonville are embracing channel letter signage because flat surface signs posted on the building tend to blend into the wall making it easy to miss.

Many people have seen these attractive signs but do not know what they are called.  These types of signs are three-dimensional signs with prominent letters showcasing the company name and brand.

Branding and Advertising

Channel letter signs are customizable which is why they are a favorite sign type for owners looking to promote their business. Not only can they be tailored to reflect the brand, they stand out among other businesses with less distinctive signs.

Businesses use these signs as extensions of their brand. A country-themed restaurant can use them with a wrought iron finish and rustic look; a professional services office, can use brushed metal letters backlit by a gentle halo light. Regardless of the business, your letters can be customized to match the desired communications and marketing strategy of the business.

Do you recognize the ‘I ❤️ NY’ sign displayed in Times Square? That is a channel letter sign. The benefits of this kind of signage:

  1. Increased visibility
  2. Attractive design
  3. Energy efficient LED lighting
  4. Potential for social media posts

Some major brands have made channel letters an intrinsic part of their branding. Look at how they focus on font size and color to really make their sign stand out. With thoughtful font selection, these businesses are able to let the sign speak for itself.

Below are some examples of different types of channel lettering.

NOTE that these photos may not be signs designed and installed by Jacksonville Signs and Graphics.

This first channel letter sign is on the ground, unlike most, with back lit letters as identified by the white light behind the black letters of the university name.

The sign below has a combination of a lighted circular sign with channel letter signage.  The channel letter sign stands out for many reasons. Its bright colors and lighted shadow underneath give the sign depth and an additional base color to reinforce the brand name.

Channel letter signage

The channel letter sign below uses individual letters with a font that has white outlines of the blue letters individually lit by LED lights.

This sign is made of brushed steeled and is LED backlit.

Channel Letter Signs

What Are Different Types of Channel Letter Signs You Can Use?

Without getting too deep into how much you can customize your selection, let’s break down the different types you can choose on the basis of the configuration and installation.


Your letters can be:

  • Installed directly on the wall
  • Installed on a track which is placed on the wall
  • Placed free-standing on the ground
  • Hung from a ledge or arch


Letters created can be:

  • Individually cut or created as one piece
  • Lit or unlit
  • Hollow or open-faced

Perhaps the most important factor is how the sign is lighted. LED channel letters offer a lot of lighting options, such as:

  • Front-lit – LED lights are incorporated into the letters and glow from the front fascia of the sign.
  • Backlit – The back of the sign is open and lights cast a halo on the sign mounting surface.
  • Front-lit and Backlit – Lights, with color variation, are installed on the front and back of the sign.
  • Open-face LED or neon lighting – Custom lighting setup with individual ‘bulbs’ of neon lighting to give a distinctive appearance.

Contact Jacksonville Signs and Graphics now about your channel letter signage needs. Our team helps business owners design and create signs that help distinguish the business. Our goal is to create the attention, impressions and traffic with your desired audience that will grow your business.

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