Captivating Storefront Signs: Inviting Customers to Discover Your Business

Commercial sign of moving & storage business made by Jacksonville Signs & Graphics

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Your storefront sign is often the first sign people see as they approach your business, and because it is the first sign they see, you must take advantage of the opportunity. Image your sign isn’t properly maintained, and the lights go out, or a letter is missing. Is that the type of business you would want to enter?

Having a fantastic storefront sign is the same as having a 24/7 invitation in front of your business. It should stand out among the other stores on your street. The location of your business is crucial but well-designed outdoor storefront signs can make people travel further if the sign is enticing enough.

To learn more about how Jacksonville Signs and Graphics can create an inviting storefront sign for you, send us a message or contact us at 1-904-746-4676,

Stand Out in Jacksonville, FL

Having an alluring storefront sign does not automatically mean people will come to your business. We would be lying if we told you once we crafted an outdoor storefront sign people will suddenly flock to your business. We are realistic with our expectations.

That being said, a well-designed and maintained storefront sign will attract more customers regularly. If you can make your business look exciting (if you are in an entertainment business) or professional, people will be more intrigued and impressed.

Another benefit people often overlook is that if your business looks good, people will remember the experience more fondly. For example, if people come to a restaurant with a beautiful storefront sign, like an awning sign, it adds to the ambience and makes for a better experience. Your food would taste the same regardless, but because your customers are in a better mood, they will rate your food higher. It is the science of customer emotions, and it is crucial for marketers and business owners to understand the connection they are making with their customers.

When you understand how to capitalize on these emotions with signage, you will understand what it means to have signage that stands out.

Light The Way to Your Store

One thing we stress to any business owner is the importance of good lighting. If you are running a business and trying to attract customers at night, you need a storefront sign with a reliable lighting system.

Channel letters, digital signs, and LED signs are all fantastic options. With a full-service sign company on call, if there are any maintenance issues, you can expect speedy service that will have you sign back up and working for you in no time. At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, we are in the business of handling everything to do with signage: all you have to do is call.

Talk to A Sign Professional Today

If you want to hear more about storefront sign options or the services we offer, call us. You can reach us at 1-904-746-4676 during business hours, or you can send us a message anytime.

The attractive storefront sign that will turn customers’ heads is our pleasure to create for you!

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