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Boost Your Brand’s Visibility with Custom Channel Letter Signs

Sherita Apts Lighted Channel Letter Signs in Florida

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Channel letter signs are the star-studded celebs of the sign world. They are bold, they are eye-catching and they make a statement wherever they are installed. As a branding tool, it is hard to beat channel letters, especially ones that are creatively designed. Keep reading to find out how custom signs can help you get the most out of your brand – and generate synergies from physical and online advertising.

Make a bigger impression

Three-dimensional, individual cut letters are larger than ordinary signboards. They project out from the mount and occupy more space, making a bigger, bolder impression. If you are located on a crowded main street, channel letters can help you stand out, literally. Just make sure there aren’t any bylaws about signs that slightly overhang the frontage.

Eye-catching design

LED channels letters are extremely eye-catching: not only are they intrinsically interesting to look at, business owners invest the time and effort to create unique designs. Since letters are constructed individually (and can be lighted from the front or the back), there is a lot of freedom in design. Creative fonts and intricate shapes can make for very eye-catching signs.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube…

Social media platforms come and go but vibrant creations are evergreen fodder for social sharing. Think beyond just signs installed above the storefront – think local landmark. So many city signs are three-dimensional letters, as are temporary art installations in public squares. Use your sign not just as a wayfinder, but to promote your brand, and you’ll find your sign (and business) making its way into people’s social feeds.

Eco credentials

Sustainable and eco-friendly businesses get a leg up over competitors, today. With advanced LED lighting technologies, you too can flaunt your green credentials. LEDs consume a fraction of the power of neon tubes and halogen bulbs, allowing the sign to be illuminated day and night. Think your customers won’t notice? You’ll be surprised to see how many people pay attention to this kind of thing.

Customizing channel letters for your business

Letter signs are completely custom-built according to customer demand. At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, we work closely with customers to understand what they want to achieve so we can create creative designs and build signs that last. Ask these questions if you are thinking of getting a new sign:

  • Will the sign be kept on the ground or mounted on a wall?
  • Will it be installed indoors or outdoors?
  • How big does it need to be?
  • What font will look best?
  • What color(s) should it be?
  • Will it be illuminated (backlit, front-lit or both)?
Louis Vuitton Channel Letter Signs in Jacksonville, FL

The simple channel letter signs are ones that are installed above the storefront; these are basically replacements for board signs. More creative interpretations can include letters mounted atop pylons, or ones hanging from a ceiling or overhang. Finally, indoor signs and ground installations are usually the preserve of creative marketing strategies that target wide-scale brand-building.

One-stop sign shop in Jacksonville

Businesses, marketing agencies, retailers, healthcare, education and professional institutions, we work with them all to create high-quality indoor and outdoor signs. Talk to a representative to get a quote for your sign. We accept large, last minute and event signage orders.

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