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Window Graphics: Let your Glass Speak for Your Brand

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Windows are one of the most powerful marketing tools a business has – and often some of the least utilized. Look at businesses up and down the main street and you will find so many that do little more than promote the name of the business name in a slightly stylized font. Window graphics can do much more than just replicate the information the signboard above the frontage – they can become real mouthpieces for your brand.

Storefront graphics are right in the natural line of sight, and are therefore prime real estate. Use them right and they’ll build brand awareness like nothing else. In this article we are looking how storefront windows can be used to convey branding and turn heads.

1. Informative windows

Branding is all about perception and creative vision. Recreate your brand with messaging on the window which will entice people to read/view it. Whether it’s witty comments, unique artwork or information about products and services, make your windows your own. It’ll make them distinctive and allow you to capitalize on a branding opportunity.

2. Promote online and social media

In this day and age the internet is intrinsically linked to real world sales. Promote any online services the business offers (such as curbside pick-up, online orders, free shipping) and social media channels. It’s a great way to introduce passers-by and even existing customers to a whole new dimension of the brand. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth!

Gone online because of Covid-19? Let your storefront tell the whole world about your new online store!

3. Sales, discounts and promotions

Take the popular clothing line ‘Gap’ as an example; have you seen one of their stores not promoting a sale lately? Promotions, sales and discounts are not only effective sales tools they can become intertwined with the brand too. Window decals are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for flash sales. Use them to convey a sense of energy and create excitement for the brand.

At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics creative graphics are a specialty of ours and we know how to make your business stand out.

Tips for making the most of window graphics

Window decals are one of the most cost-effective signs you can get for your business. There is virtually no cost associated with applying these to windows, they are non-destructive and are inexpensive to print. That’s basically billboard-like advertising on your front windows for little or no cost.

That said, window designs cannot be a motley collection of creative looking designs. The messaging must lead a journey of discovery that culminates in a sale or ends with brand association. What should be displayed on storefront graphics depends heavily on the nature of the business, its location and the target market. Here are a few window signage elements that must be incorporated regardless of business:

  • Product or service promotion
  • Incorporating elements of the brand
  • Outlining a clear call-to-action
  • Integrating social media handles

Unique window decal ideas from Pinterest

We scoured Pinterest to find some interesting window ideas for you. *Jacksonville Signs and Graphics does not own these images.

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Affordable window signs in Jacksonville, FL

Talk to a representative to design creative window artwork for your business. We have all types of window films, including see-through, translucent, frosted and perforated films.

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