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Choosing an LED Neon Sign Company for Your Business

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LED neon signsare becoming an increasingly popular choice for business owners because you have the sought-after traditional look of neon signage—the type that became popular in the mid-20th century—with the safety and longevity of an LED sign. Like all signage, as advances are made in technologies, companies move with the times to provide you with a better product at a more affordable price.

Why Are LED neon signs more affordable than traditional neon signage?

Let us tell you! At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, our first job is to educate, that way you can make an informed choice. We have worked with many businesses in Jacksonville, FL: Now let us teach you something as well!

For more in-depth information on why custom LED neon signs are the best option for illuminated signage, call us at 904-644-1844 or message us online.

Why You Should Choose Custom LED Neon Signs

The advantages of working with LED signs over traditional neon light signs are:

More Durability

Neon signs consist of glass tubes that are more likely to break. When these fragile glass tubes break, they can emit mercury, which is dangerous if inhaled. LED neon signs use solid-state technology to achieve a look identical to neon signage while being less prone to breakage.

Lower Energy Consumption

With the rising cost of energy, anywhere you can cut back saves you money and is a good look for your business. By taking the initiative to become more green, you will attract more customers. Save on your energy bill and feel good about reducing your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win situation.

Less Maintenance

Again, this is another way to save money. These signs require less maintenance which means you will be relying on us less for maintenance (this is something most sign companies fail to tell you). But it’s the truth! Less electrical maintenance means more money in your pocket.

Longer Lifespan

LED lights are a newer technology and don’t rely on the use of gasses that will deteriorate over time. Add that to the fact that they are more energy efficient, which reduces the thermal stress on the components, meaning you can expect a longer lifespan from LED neon signs compared to traditional neon light signs. In some cases, LED signs will last two or three times longer!


LED neon signs are considered less of a fire hazard than traditional neon signs and use less voltage. They generate less heat and require less maintenance. Although regular neon signs are still considered to be safe, LED signs are the safer option overall.

Quality Signs at Unbeatable Prices

To build trust with our clients, we give them the straight facts. By requiring less maintenance and having a longer life span with your signage, you get more bang for your buck. We have served many businesses in Jacksonville, FL, and are honest every step of the way: Now let us serve you!

Contact us at  904-644-1844 to talk to a sign expert about using LED neon signs in your business.

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