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Graduation Banners: Celebrating A Milestone

Graduation Vinyl Printed Banner for Chriss in Jacksonville, FL

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Many students work hard and look forward to graduation, making graduation banners and signs an ideal way to announce and celebrate the exciting news. The signs are wonderful to use at home celebrations, larger gatherings, or actual graduations. Let’s discuss what you should consider while you’re planning to order a banner, yard sign or magnet.

The Message and Font on the Personalized Graduation Banner

As exciting as the banner is, the message is the real star. There are several messages you could display, such as:

  • Congratulations, (graduate’s name)
  • Congratulations Class of 2023!
  • Congratulations (school name) Graduates. Class of 2023!
  • Congrats Grad
  • Congratulations Graduates. We are so proud of you!
  • Congratulations! You did it.
  • Congrats (graduate’s name). We love you!

The font you choose should be easy to read from a distance. Typically, our sign experts can suggest which fonts are the best based on other aspects of the banner, such as its size and colours and how much writing you include.

Photo vs. No Photo

Including small graphics, such as graduation caps, diplomas, and confetti, on personalized graduation banners and signs is a popular option. Depending on whether you’re ordering the banner for an individual or a school graduation, another possibility is to include one or more photos of the graduate or the school. The picture should be high-quality and not blurry.

Single or Double-Sided Graduation Banners

Banners should be single-sided but yard signs don’t have to be single-sided. Depending on your preference and the area to display, you may be able to order one that’s double-sided. It could feature the same design on both sides or two different designs.

Colours in the Graduation Banner Design

Generally speaking, black, gold, and white are the most common colours used for graduation signs, and they’re a popular option for graduation decor in stores. If you want to be more coordinated with the graduate’s school colours, use them as part of your graduation banner or yard sign design.

The Size of the Personalized Graduation Banner

The size of your happy graduation banner should fit well into the space in which you’ll hang it. Chances are you have more display room to work with outdoors than indoors. Before ordering the banner, measure the space so you can ensure it’s not too large (or small).

The Turnaround Time of Graduation Signs and Banners

The sooner you order the banners you need, the better. Ordering them a week or two before you need them may not be enough time, especially if there are many orders ahead of yours. Call to find out how far in advance you need to place the banner order, then get it in as soon as possible.

The Reputation of the Business

Research the reputation of the sign business before ordering so you can work with one you feel confident can provide you with a high-quality product.

Keep the graduate’s preferences in mind when you’re planning the graduation banners and signs. From a favourite photo of the graduate to the graduate’s favourite colours, you should create a personalized, attention-grabbing sign. Call Jacksonville Signs & Graphics, and we can assist you with planning a graduation banner design that’s the perfect addition to any celebratory graduation gathering.

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