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There is no industry where a well-designed, high-quality truck wrap is more essential than the food truck industry. Food truck wraps are how you sell your cuisine with enticing images and fun designs; they are the first impression you make on passersby. The graphics on your truck are akin to a salesman for your product: think about how crucial that is and how you want them to represent your business.

If you are looking for truck wraps in Jacksonville, FL, and are stuck for ideas, look no further. Jacksonville Signs and Graphics is here for you! We have worked with many businesses in the area, in different industries, helping them with customized signage that brings in new customers.

If you want to learn more about our products and services, contact us, and talk to a signage expert today.

What Makes an Effective Food Truck Wrap?

This is a question we get a lot. Here are some elements that we have noticed work effectively time and time again:

Enticing Design

A lot of people see eating out as more than satisfying their hunger: they see it as an experience. In some cultures, mealtime is sacred, and if you have a boring design people will walk by without giving you a second look. Even though it is a food truck, they still want to sit at a table and enjoy their time. With an excellent design, your truck wrap can turn mealtime into an experience for your customers.

Quality Vinyl and Ink

If you have a shoddy truck wrap, people will think you have a shoddy product. If you can’t take care of your vehicle, which should be much easier to maintain than a brick-and-mortar restaurant, how can they expect you to take care of their food?

Quality vinyl commercial vehicle wraps made with UV-resistant ink (that won’t fade from exposure to the sun) and won’t peel in the corners means your food truck graphics will always look sharp. If the visuals of your food look fantastic, people will make an association in their brain that your food is fantastic too.

Interactive Elements

People often want to see the menu before deciding if they want to eat at your food truck. You can incorporate the menu with bold vehicle lettering and graphics in a clear, concise way that will let people know what you are selling,

You can take it one step further and have a QR code that leads to a website that shows your menu, specials, and daily deals, and gives out coupons to entice people further. You can give them the option to leave you a review so you can find problem areas in your product and fix them to provide a better product.

Bring Your Food to Life!

It’s no secret that in the restaurant industry, the most successful businesses start with good advertising. All you have to do is look at your local fast-food chains to understand the psychology of marketing and how effective it can be. With Jacksonville Signs and Graphics handling your food truck wrap, we can bring your food to life!

Call us at 904-644-1844 or message us to book a no-pressure consultation where we can discuss everything upfront, including truck wrap costs, so you know what to expect.

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