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Why Investing in Outdoor Business Signs Is a Smart Business Decision in 2020

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2020 will be a big year for businesses investing in a comprehensive marketing strategy. Does your marketing strategy include outdoor signs and graphics as a key component? Outdoor business signs and graphics are critical for the success of businesses seeking to attract local vehicle and walking traffic that leads to foot traffic into their business that generates increased customer transactions.

Consumers are inundated by advertising today. On their smartphones, on TV, and just while walking down the street, people are used to being influenced 24 x 7. To be effective in this crowded advertising space, custom outdoor business signs need to be able capture attention, build trust and drive sales.

Outdoor business signs are more than just sales tools, they are exceptional at building brand awareness and top of mind recall.

How Outdoor Business Signs Will Help You in 2020

“Hey Google, take me to…”

Google and Apple Maps can help potential customers navigate to your location, but they cannot get them inside your store or office. Directional signs and storefront signs are essential for helping the visitor take the next step into your business. If your outdoor signage looks out-of-date, worn or unattractive, you risk losing an otherwise positive lead.

Going viral is the only way to go

Your business needs to “go viral” on social media in 2020. Banner sign images across Jacksonville are one of the best ways to get into the ‘trending’ feeds on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Captivating messages will grab peoples’ attention and ensure lots of “shares” and “likes” that will help grow your online presence – and your customer base offline.

Standing out from the competition

The smartphone has made the marketplace a lot smaller and more competitive. Even local corner stores, which were otherwise safe from faraway competitors stealing customers, have new worries due to technology. Use custom exterior signs to establish a unique identity as well as promote local businesses. Jobs, sales, construction and taxes are generated by local businesses. The importance of local businesses goes a long way to dictating buying behavior and decisions in support of the local economy.

Becoming a local landmark

Storefront signs and A-frame signs have had success creating business traffic, but to really stand out you need custom exterior signs that have the potential to become local landmarks. Unique channel letters, dimensional letters and custom-lit signs are just a few examples of signs that can become iconic locally, reinforcing the emphasis and importance of “buying local”.

Types of Outdoor Custom Business Signs in 2020

Having the same signs year in and year out will not have the same positive impact on your sales. Bring new vision to your outreach efforts with custom outdoor signs. What are the best types of outdoor business signs in 2020?

Awning signs – They don’t just showcase your brand; they also give your business-front personality, provide a distinct look versus competition and a place for customers to interact.

Channel letters – Do channel letters have to be mounted to a building? Not always. Consider floor-standing and front-lit channel letters.

Digital and interactive signs – Moving images, animation and interactive displays are growing in popularity as they attract eyes with constantly changing messages. They have also proven to be more cost-effective with recent technology advancements.

Best Outdoor Signs for Business in 2020

To find out about the best signs this year for your business, contact us at Jacksonville Signs and Graphics. We will be able to tell you about trends in signs, sign materials and unique approaches that are proving more effective at accomplishing your sales and marketing goals.

Call us to receive a quote for your outdoor business signs and graphics or any other signage for your Jacksonville business.

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