Which Types of Interior Signs Are Best for Your Business?

Custom Interior Signs for Business

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Are you confused by the hundreds of indoor signage options available? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Choosing the right signs for your business can seem daunting, but our team at Jacksonville Signs & Graphics can help you find the right signs for your business.

Learn more about the seven indoor business signs you need to take your signs to the next level and help deliver the most value to your customers.


1.      Lobby Signs

Making a great first impression is vital, and lobby signs help business owners do just that. Lobby and reception signage welcome visitors as they enter. These signs show your branding in a positive light.

How to use them – Use lobby signs to display your business’s logo, name, and tagline.

2.      Indoor Neon Signs

Get a striking look with indoor LED neon signs. These signs draw attention to your business while also saving you from an enormous electricity bill and potential fire hazards. LED neon is eye-catching, modern, and inexpensive. Our LEDs are energy efficient and need little-to-no maintenance.

How to use them – Use indoor LED signs in waiting rooms and employee break rooms to instill excitement.

3.      Digital Displays

LED displays are one of the most customizable interior signs you can get. You can change messages at the click of a button to keep your messaging fresh. Best of all, they can be used to display videos and capture the attention of customers.

How to use them – Install digital displays where many people will see them (entrance, corridors, checkout).

4.      Vinyl Graphics

Wall, window, and floor graphics are some of the easiest ways to transform your premises. Vinyl is an inexpensive material, and you can print any design you want. From physical distancing to corporate artwork – print anything you want on these custom indoor signs.

How to use them – Show messages and artwork on your windows and floors, as well as  ‘repaint’ walls with vinyl graphics.

5.      Banners

Vinyl banners and posters are must-have custom indoor signs for any business. They’re perfect for quick and easy branding. There are many to choose from such as retractable banners, ceiling banners, window banners, and more.

Businesses use banners to highlight new product launches, discounts, and to advertise at tradeshows.

How to use them – Banners are great for fast-paced marketing, such as to attract customers during the holiday shopping season or at conventions.

6.      Wayfinding Signs

Direction signs are among the most common signs you’ll find, but they’re also some of the most underrated. Signs such as door signs, washroom signs, emergency exit signs, and business directories hugely improve the customer experience. After all, nobody likes asking for directions.

How to use them – Label aisles, add nameplates on doors, and direct customers to things they need most often such as checkouts, washrooms, parking spots, elevators, and the like.

7.      ADA Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act says that (most) businesses that receive visitors should have ADA-compliant signs that make the space accessible and easier for visitors to navigate.

With over 28% of Florida’s population living with at least one disability your business must be compliant with these regulations to ensure your space is accessible for everyone.

How to use them – Install ADA signs in critical areas such as the parking lot, at the entrance, and near tripping hazards.

Install Attractive Indoor Business Signs Without Breaking the Bank

Get attractive indoor LED signs that help you take your branding and advertising to the next level with Jacksonville Signs and Graphics. Our motto is simple – attractive signs that support your business.

Book a free consultation and discuss your needs with an indoor business signs specialist in Jacksonville today.

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