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What Are the Different Types of Real Estate Signs?

Open house real estate signs in Jacksonville, FL

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Real estate signs are ambassadors of your real estate brand. At a glance, they must convey what your business is all about and promote the property that is up for sale. Fortunately, real estate agents in Jacksonville can choose from a number of different signs to reach out to prospective clients.

In this article, we describe the different types of real estate signs that are available and the ideal use case for each. Make sure you understand the differences between signs and know which will suit your style and message.

Popular Types of Real Estate Signs in Jacksonville

1. Colonial post or swing post signs

The colonial post or swing post is arguably the most popular type of real estate sign you will come across and is mostly used for residential home sales. The sign comprises a wooden or aluminum pole affixed into the ground with a horizontal bar at the top used to hang a sign (altogether forming an inverted ‘L’ shape). Traditionally, swing post signs were made of wood, but aluminum has become the material of choice, making it more durable in the weather. The coroplast signboard too is extremely customizable.

2. A-frame sign

The A-frame sign (also known as ‘sandwich board’ signs) can be made out of wood or plastic. As the name suggests, the sign consists of two panels that open in an ‘A’ pattern and are self-supported. Their portability makes them ideal for hosting an open house event. Note A-frame signboards are not affixed into the ground.

3. H-frame signs

H-frame signs are made of two stakes that are fixed into the ground, with a lightweight sign placed between them. They are mostly used for short term advertisements like an open house for a show or a property that is not expected to be on the market for very long. The biggest advantage of H-frame signs is that they are lightweight and easy to deploy in large numbers. If you are looking for easy to handle custom yard signs these are great options.

4. Flags and banners

Flags and real estate banner signs are usually seen at commercial buildings, condominiums and industrial facilities. Their large size and elevated mounting gives them excellent visibility. Gentle flapping in the wind also makes them the ideal attention magnet.

Which sign is right for you?

Are you looking for temporary custom yard signs that you can plant in front lawns? Are you advertising a property that is available for sale? Is your real estate business working with a commercial client? Your requirements will determine which type of sign is right for you. Small H-frame signs are great for promoting your brand; swing post signs are a great symbol for a property on sale; and A-frames are the perfect portable companion.

Regardless of which sign you go for, the frame will be reusable at other projects. Simply swap out the coroplast sign board and you have a ‘new’ sign ready to go at a fraction of the cost of a new sign.

At Jacksonville Signs & Graphics we accept large and last minute orders for real estate signage. Talk to us about quality, competitively priced signs.

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