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What Are ADA Signs and Why Are They Important for a Business?

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The Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990, requires establishments to have specific signage that caters to blind and visually impaired visitors. ‘ADA signs’, as they are commonly known, incorporate a number of features that make them easier to read.

ADA signs do not all have to look the same – businesses can incorporate their branding and designs into their ADA signage.


The ADA Act prescribes various specifications about the size, colors and installation of custom ADA signs.

  • Size of sign
  • Location of sign
  • Braille
  • Installation height
  • Font and letter size
  • Colors for background and lettering
  • Reflectivity and finish
  • Pictograms

The purpose of all these features is simple: improve contrast and readability. All of these elements make signs easier to read for those with limited vision and difficulty identifying colors. Braille helps those with complete or near-complete vision loss identify their surroundings.

Importance of ADA Signs

Braille signs and ADA compliant signage are vital for any business. A few reasons why you need custom ADA signs at your premises are:

  • Required by the law – Federal law requires businesses to include ADA compliant signage at their premises. This is for the safety and comfort of not just visitors but employees too.
  • Maximize your customer base – According to the Center for Disease Control, up to 1 in 5 Americans believe they have vision problems. 65 million people is a segment of the market you cannot ignore! In fact, if your competition hasn’t invested in quality ADA signs, you could become the de facto choice for this large section of the population.
  • Make every visitor feel at home – The buyer journey doesn’t begin and end with just a promotion or product. Convenience, comfort and ease of navigation at your business all make a difference. Your signs will make people feel welcomed and secure. It will make your premises a lot more accessible and avoid the frustration that comes from navigating a space that does not have the appropriate ADA signage.
  • Branding on custom signs – ADA signs can be unique. We work with businesses around Jacksonville to create custom ADA signs that reflect their brands, office design and comprehensive building theme. In fact, an experienced sign builder such as Jacksonville Signs and Graphics can incorporate key elements into the design.

Types of ADA and Braille Signs

Businesses display signs that are essential for the comfort, convenience and safety of all visitors. For instance, wayfinding signs and restroom signs should be ADA compliant. However, promotional signage can include ADA elements to increase their effectiveness. If you are making a list of signs that need to be ADA compliant, your list should include:

  • Door signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Restroom signs
  • Exit and entrance signs
  • No smoking and no vaping signs
  • Wheelchair accessible path signage

ADA Compliant Signs in Jacksonville

At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics we ensure your entire signs package is sensible and accessibility is a critical element for all. Our team knows how to incorporate ADA requirements in custom branded signs. If you need a new set of ADA compliant signs for your office, school, hospital or other establishment, call or email us. We also provide ADA signs which can be added to your premises alongside existing signs to fulfil health and safety requirements.

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