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A company’s branding is the primary way customers and clients recognize the business. Companies that have total brand inclusion are much more likely to have a stronger brand than those that don’t.

Including your business’ branding style throughout your buildings is one way that you can do this. High-quality vinyl floor graphics make it possible to provide valuable messages in a consistent manner throughout the company.

Vinyl Floor Graphics Protect Staff and Visitors

One of the most important types of graphics provides safety messages to anyone who comes in. These can warn of slippery floors, uneven surfaces, electrical hazards, danger zones around equipment, and more. Using floor space to relay the necessary information when appropriate enables you to save wall space for other messages.

Custom Floor Stickers Showcase Your Brand

Custom floor stickers let you highlight your brand colors and style quickly and easily. With the exception of regulated floor graphics, you can customize any floor graphic so it complies with your company’s brand standard. Using the brand’s fonts, colors, and logos makes basic floor space a reminder of the brand. For example, you can place a large company logo in the center of the waiting room or lobby.

Utilize Available Space with Self-Adhesive Floor Graphics

Self-adhesive floor graphics allow you to use all available space in your facility. While you don’t need to overwhelm the area by adding floor graphics in every available inch, you can add them where it makes sense. The goal of custom floor stickers is to provide a valuable message and enhance the brand experience in a given space.

Directional and Identifying Signage for Vinyl Floor Graphics

Directional and identifying signage can be placed on the floors with self-adhesive floor stickers. They work with door and wall signs to provide everyone with important information. Consider using these graphics to direct foot traffic flow or provide a dedicated space for specific activities.

Replace Self-Adhesive Floor Graphics as Necessary

Floor graphics need to be replaced if they look worn or when your company’s brand changes. While these graphics are meant to last years, it’s possible that they will show signs of wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas of the building. Keeping them consistent and up-to-date provides a cohesive experience for visitors.

Consult Our Vinyl Floor Graphics Expert

Getting the vinyl floor graphics you need for your company is a great way to continue the desired branding throughout the building in a cost-effective manner. Contact the professionals with Jacksonville Signs & Graphics to learn more about how you can use custom floor stickers to benefit your business and build brand awareness.

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