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Transform Your Business with Custom Outdoor Signs

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Tips for Outdoor Business Signs 

Outdoor signs are more than just a way to show the name of your business. They can lure in customers and help your brand stand out from the competition. Done right, they can enhance the buyer experience, boosting sales and revenue.

In this blog, we are sharing some simple tips for maximizing value from your business signs in Jacksonville. Find out how you should:

  • Incorporate signs in your branding.
  • How big signs should be.
  •  Where they should be installed.

1. Include Brand in Your Outdoor Business Signs 

Ensure your signs are part of your branding strategy when you are designing them. Make sure to include your:

  • Brand colors
  • Tagline 
  • Font
  • Logo

2. Use the Right Colors for Your Signs

Different colors suggest different things. For example, bright colors like red, yellow, and orange send a message of urgency. These colors can elicit a greater response from passers-by.

On the other hand, if you use colors like blue, green, and purple, you evoke relaxation and comfort. This way, customers feel more comfortable when deciding whether to visit your business. 

Find out what will appeal to your customers to choose colors accordingly. 

3. Fewer Words are Better

Too many signs are filled with countless business details – such as promotions, prices, and more. But this may be doing more harm than good.

When it comes to exceptional custom exterior signs, less is more.

You want your signs to say as much as possible in the fewest words. That way, people can understand what your business has to offer in 2-3 seconds.

A storefront sign should include very few details. For example, it may boost your logo, business name, and slogan. These text details should appear on a maximum of three lines, each having three to five words.

4. Choosing the Right Font

Two of the most common design mistakes are – using small fonts and hard-to-read fonts.

You want to use large fonts because they are easier to read at a glance. Larger fonts also stop you from cluttering business signs with too much detail.

We also recommend that you choose a font that is easy on the eye. Cursive fonts – with swooping curves – are very hard to read. We recommend sans serif fonts that are easy to read even at a glance.

5. Find the Best Place to Install Signs

The last thing to take into account is the surrounding environment.  Try your best to make your outdoor business signs stand out from their surroundings. For example, check the colors of nearby buildings to choose contrasting ones for your sign.

Install signs above trees and lamp posts, so it does not get obstructed. You can also choose signs that extend outwards for maximum visibility.

Get Quality Outdoor Business Signs

Jacksonville Signs and Graphics with all types of businesses in Jacksonville for custom exterior signs. Our team can help you create attractive designs that convert!

Discuss your requirements with our team today.

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