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Outdoor Signs for Business to Boost Your Brand

Outdoor hanging sign for starbugs

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Read enough articles on the internet and you’ll think that branding is only good for making your business memorable. But the fact is, effective branding can have a very real impact on your bottom line.

Branding funnel of signage

The right means of branding can increase sales by 68%. So what is the most effective outdoor signage for businesses?

9 Most Effective Types of Outdoor Signage for Businesses

  1. Channel Letter Signs

Jacksonville’s markets are crowded and competitive, making it difficult for businesses to stand out. Channel letters, and large three-dimensional signs with striking illumination, are the answer to that.

These exterior business signs can help your branding stand out and get noticed.

  1. Neon LED Signs

Neon lighting maybe 100 years old, but that doesn’t mean it has gone out of fashion. Neon LED signs to offer that unique neon glow but at a fraction of the upfront and operating cost of traditional neon. They don’t pose a safety risk either, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor signs in Jacksonville.

  1. Blade Signs

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is that their signs are not visible to pedestrians.

That’s where blade signs come in. These exterior business signs are installed perpendicular to the wall, putting them right in the viewpoint of passers-by. One of the most effective examples is Starbucks.

Outdoor hanging sign for starbugs

  1. Vehicle Wraps

Making deliveries and site visits in unmarked commercial vehicles? You’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to grow your brand.

With branded vehicle wraps, you can transform your vehicles into mobile billboards and, potentially, get seen by millions of people every year.

  1. Monument Signs

Monument signs are one of the most effective types of outdoor signage for businesses you can get. Stone and marble monuments convey a sense of solidity and permanence few other exterior office signs can match.

  1. Storefront Window Decals

Most stores have large storefront windows at the entrance but struggle to make the most of that space. With these custom outdoor business signs, you can instantly transform them into free advertising for your business.

  1. Wall Murals

Branding isn’t just for the outdoors; a bad customer experience indoors can cost you sales. Wall murals allow businesses to display their portfolio and other messages to supercharge the buyer’s journey.

  1. Pylon Signs

These custom outdoor business signs are a favorite of businesses that need their customers to drive up to them, such as gas stations, large shopping complexes, and parklands.

Tall and imposing, this outdoor signage for businesses effectively gets your brand noticed from miles away. Note that not all businesses have the space to install these large exterior office signs.

  1. H-Frame Signs

If yours is a small business or sole proprietorship, you likely don’t have a lot of choice in outdoor business signs. If budget is a major consideration, H-frame signs are an unbeatable option. They’re inexpensive and easy to install!

Work With an Experienced Company for Outdoor Signs in Jacksonville

A sign is only as effective as its design and message. Make sure you work with an expert sign company to create eye-catching outdoor business signs that help you generate leads.

Get in touch to find the most effective outdoor signage for your business in Jacksonville.

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