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5 Reasons Why Business Should Have Lobby Signs

Lobby sign for business made by Jacksonville Signs & Graphics

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Lobby signs can be a significant investment for any business. Eye-catching designs and premium signs can cost thousands of dollars, and you’ll have to spend time getting the design just right.

The question is, should you get office lobby signs, or can you do without them?

In this blog, we’ll look at five reasons why you should get lobby signs for your business, and how they’ll pay for themselves.

1.       Lobby Signs Make a Great First Impression (and Help You Make the Sale)

Signs in the reception, waiting area and lobby are visual touch points for your business. A lobby sign is the first thing people will see when they walk into your business. The right sign can persuade potential customers to shop at your business.

A FedEx survey found that nearly 8 out of 10 Americans enter an establishment based on the strength of its signage. Also, about 7 out of 10 people made a purchase because a sign caught their eye.

Personalized lobby signs for the business can build customer confidence and help you make sales!

2.       They Are Perfect for Enhancing Decor

Bland walls and blank corridors are often turn-offs for anyone visiting your business. People want to be wowed and made to feel they are somewhere special. Custom lobby signs will let you do just that—and they are affordable

In addition to channel letters, door, and wall murals, and lobby directional signs are great ways to enhance the decor. These signs are easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and best of all brand.

3.       Show That You Are a Responsible Business

It’s all too easy to neglect accessible signage, such as ADA signs, when you’re setting up your space. After all, you might think, how many people need them, right? According to the CDC, more than 12 million Americans over 40 have some form of vision impairment.

Signs such as high-contrast ADA and lobby directional signs make a big difference to people who experience vision impairment and can differentiate you from your competition.

4.       If You’re Not Advertising, You’re Missing Out

Reception signs don’t have to all be about branding. Digital displays, LEDs, and interactive signs can help you engage customers and increase sales. A study of in-store video advertising found that it was effective at increasing “recall, recognition, brand familiarity, and a purchase intention.”

Something as simple as a scrolling sign can help create a sense of urgency. Full-fledged video displays will allow you to display ongoing promotions and unlock other sales avenues.

5.       Tell Visitors About Your Business with Custom Lobby Signs

Every business has a story behind it, but few business owners take advantage of the way. Customers love to hear and be part of growth stories, especially ones involving local businesses.

Wall murals and wall graphics are great ways for showing:

  • Your company’s timelines.
  • Past photos from your company’s growth
  • Major achievements your business has had.

To help build trust and make your business more relatable.

Make Lobby Signs Work for You

Not sure which office lobby signs you should get or how you should use them? Book a free consultation with Jacksonville Signs and Graphics to discuss signs for your office with a signage professional in Jacksonville.

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