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Frosted vinyl and wall graphics by Jacksonville Signs& Graphics

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Did Boeing just waste time and money giving their new office space an aviation theme? After all, it’s just decor, right…? Make no mistake, design has a big impact on profitability and productivity. You need to pay attention to the indoor business signs you install because they will impact your employees’ morale and how confidently you close deals.

In this blog, we’ll tell you about the essential custom indoor signage you should get for your office.

6 Indoor Business Signs You Should Get for Your Office Space:

Here are 6 indoor business signs you need to transform your space from boring to beautiful. The best part is that there are dozens of styles to choose from for each of them, meaning you’re sure to find something that fits your budget.

1.       Environmental Graphics:

Say goodbye to bland corridors and boring rooms with environmental graphics. These indoor business signs consist of large vinyl graphics used to brand the office tastefully. An example of environmental graphics is the Boeing office we’ve talked about above; note how they’ve teamed wall lines and graphics to enhance the aviation theme.

2.       Lobby Signs:

These signs are some of the first interactions visitors will have with your business, and it’s important to make a strong impression. Typically, lobby signage consists of a large sign that displays your business’s name and logo. Other signs, such as acrylic signs for directories and wayfinding, uplift the space and project a premium appearance.

3.       Wall Murals:

From inspirational quotes to city skylines, wall murals are a detailed way to tell visitors about your business and decorate the space. Skylines of cities where the business has offices are a particular favorite (team them with LED lighting for a stunning effect). You can print anything on wall murals, including photographs, timelines, portfolios, and more.

4.       Door Signs:

Door signs are essential signage that makes it easier for visitors to navigate the space, improve safety, and boost employee morale. Acrylic signs are a great door sign option because they look stunning, can be customized entirely for your design, and don’t break the bank.

5.       Legally-Required Signs:

There are some indoor business signs you absolutely must have at your premises–emergency signs and ADA signs. Emergency signs, like the green and white signs used to show directions to fire escapes and exits, are required by Jacksonville’s building bylaws and fire safety code. Similarly, ADA signs are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and help make the space easier to navigate.

6.       Wayfinding Signs:

These signs help visitors navigate the space independently and reduce the frustration of not knowing where to go. For larger spaces, directories in the lobby, arrow signs, and door signs are essential; even smaller spaces can benefit from signs, such as bathroom signs.

Which Custom Indoor Sign Should You Get?

It sounds easy, but when it comes time to install interior office signs, most administrators and business owners don’t know where to start. Instead of risking a fine from the city or the anger of your clients, book a free consultation with us to discuss interior office signs for your business. We’ll help you prepare a plan that fits within your budget.

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