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Improve Foot Traffic of Your Facility through Impactful Storefront Signs

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How impactful the signs on your storefront windows are can determine how many customers walk through the door every day. Thousands of people walk past storefronts every single day, but how many stop to look at a business? Not more than a handful, if there is nothing to capture their attention.

Eye-catching storefront signs are a must if you want your business to flourish. You need to have something that engages passers-by and make them want to visit your facility. In this article, we are looking at five ‘hacks’ that will help you create signs that pull traffic.

1. Keep it legible

The primary message of the sign needs to be easily visible. People in Jacksonville are looking for information they can absorb at a glance and you need to get your message across within moments. People are in a hurry and will appreciate an uncluttered sign. This means ensuring visual clarity, keeping messaging short and using contrasting colors. Another factor to consider with vinyl window decals is the background. Many people don’t realize that storefront signs can easily blend with the background.

2. Keep your messaging simple

Just because window clings offer a large canvas it does not mean you can take liberties with messaging. Putting up the name of the shop and logo without stating what you offer is as unhelpful as an overly complex message (and repeats the sign above the front door). If you are promoting your brand, keep the design cohesive; if you are advertising promotions and discounts, keep the call-to-action simple.

3. Branding should be front and central

The appearance of your storefront sign should match what’s expected of your brand and in your industry. For instance, an auto repair shop can incorporate a car tire as the letter “O”. On the other hand, a professional services provider like an accountant or a lawyer should choose more formal words. The overall design should match the store’s branding too – which means incorporating brand colors, fonts, and tone.

4. Don’t be afraid to be different

Vinyl window decals don’t just let you say what you want, they are immensely customizable in terms of size and shape too. Window clings are relatively more ‘intimate’ advertising and potential customers appreciate a little creativity in the sign. What’s more, if your sign is just like that of your next-door-competitor, it will be difficult for people to tell the establishments apart.

5. Changeable signage

Vinyl is a durable material but that does not mean you should never change your window signs. Being relatively inexpensive, window graphics should be changed several times a year, preferably in time for busy seasons. For example, accountants can prepare fresh messaging in time for tax season, or a construction company can get fresh signs for after a storm. Having customized signs for major holidays like Christmas also portrays your business as a real part of the community.

Best Storefront Signs in Jacksonville

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