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How Office Lobby Signs Can Transform Your Interior

Custom lobby signage for Microsoft

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A great first impression starts with the lobby and even the smallest of details can make all the difference. Receptions and lobbies, at offices, law firms, hotels and at other establishments have a very real impact on the customer journey and employee morale. Fortunately, with custom lobby signs, it is easy to transform the space into something dynamic and inviting.

Keep reading to find out how lobby signs can transform your business’s interiors, help improve sales potential, raise employee engagement and branding.

Professional Looking Signs

Properly constructed signs in the lobby are first and foremost a sign of professionalism; nothing says ‘fly by night’ like an A4 sheet of paper pasted on the wall. A static sign or one with changeable letters gives the lobby a far more sophisticated ambience and makes it look like the entrance of an established business.

Complete The Décor

Matching furniture and carpets but the walls are left bland and blank? Ironically, walls are the first visual touchpoint for visitors, yet they are often the least decorated. Office lobby signs are a simple, cost-effective way of completing the décor of the room and subtly maximizing its promotional potential. Consider wall murals, business signs and window decals for the lobby.

Be Brand Proud

Branding through lobby signs is a longstanding technique of introducing visitors to the establishment. A sign with your logo and the business name does more than just act as a signboard, it reinforces the brand as one enters. Make no mistake, this brand association is extremely important because it prepares visitors and swings the balance of power in your favor.

Achievements and Accomplishments

Customers and employees want to know they are working with the best, which is why awards, accolades and recognition are so important for any business. Most businesses will just have their trophies in a cabinet, which does not provide context. Custom signs, like decals and tabletop signs, are far better at explaining the business’s journey and turning the trophies into a visual showcase.

Sense of Belonging

In the age of social distancing and work from home, one of the biggest challenges employers are facing is the struggle to maintain a sense of belonging. This disconnect can even happen at office premises if all employees see are monitors and bland walls. Office lobby signs serve to remind employees that they are part of something larger and that their contributions are essential for the productivity of the business.

Reduce Administrative Effort

New and returning visitors require assistance when they are visiting your office. Small, repetitive things like asking for the way to the conference room, directions to washrooms and where the post should be left have to be answered by your staff. Reception signs like directories, wayfinding arrows and hanging signs can answer a lot of these questions automatically and save your staff vital administrative time.

Quality Office Lobby Signs in Jacksonville, FL

Looking for affordable, customized lobby signage in Jacksonville? Make sure you talk to Jacksonville Signs and Graphics first! We are renowned for our high-quality signage, professional service and competitive prices. It’s why business owners love working with us. Talk to a representative about your requirements.

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