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How do Window Graphics Bring in More Foot Traffic?

Storefront Window Tinting in Jacksonville, FL

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It is the never-ending struggle every business faces: the need to get more people coming through the door. Especially with the holiday shopping season looming, companies across Jacksonville will be looking to make up for lost sales.

The simplest way to get more people browsing store shelves and getting the phone ringing with leads is advertising. Advertise more to be seen more. How can businesses on the main street or tucked away in strip malls advertise without paying enormous charges for installing even a simple banner in the neighborhood? Get graphics for the storefront windows.

Window decals are a great way to advertise for free! Keep reading to find out how you can use them to bring in more foot traffic.

Combine Window Graphics with Display

Take your storefront window display up a notch with custom window decals. Graphics can add context to the products advertised and complete the scene. Seasonal elements like reindeer, snow, and baubles, particularly this time of year, can create a fulsome experience.

Market New Arrivals

Most businesses in Jacksonville will be gearing up for the seasonal rush with a raft of new products and service offerings. Instead of having products jostle for space in the window, advertise new arrivals with window advertising. People love to see the words ‘New Arrivals’ emblazoned across shop fronts and are excited to check out what is new.

Seasonal Sales

With Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day almost upon us, this is the time to show your festive spirit! Deck out your store with window graphics and make it feel more welcoming. If you scrooge out on decals, don’t be surprised if your store is quietly skipped as people shop for the latest seasonal offers elsewhere.

Show that You Are Social Distancing Ready

The global pandemic has got everyone on edge. Your patrons will appreciate it if you are taking steps to keep people safe from the coronavirus. Storefront graphics are a simple, effective way of conveying to people that the store is open and secure. Believe it: people are making buying decisions based on whether stores are sanitized and ready to handle crowds safely.

Talk About Your Online Presence

It is a big win if you can direct potential customers to your online platforms. Showcase your new website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social accounts on window graphics and start cashing in on those online orders!

At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, we work with you to design, cut, and install graphics that work for your store. Whether you are looking for a team that can help you decorate your window for the season or want to learn how you can use storefront stickers, speak to us. Our vinyl graphics are affordable, high-quality, and easy to install.

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