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How Can Channel Letters Help You?

How Can Channel Letters Help You

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Channel letters are a popular choice for storefront signage, as many business owners can rely on them to be effective. They also offer many benefits and are versatile in design and application. Many industries use channel letter signs because they are proven to be excellent at capturing attention and representing a brand in a powerful way.

If you are a business owner who is looking for a signage solution that can enhance your business’s brand, visibility, and much more, it’s time to consider using LED-lighted letters. Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, a premier signage company, is here to help you. We have worked with many local businesses by creating tailored signage. Regardless of the industry, we can help you attract new customers and look professional with the right solutions.

To learn more about these custom signs, contact us or keep reading.

The Benefits of Channel Letters

Here are some of the reasons businesses choose channel letters:

  • Improve Visibility
    If you operate a business that is open after dark, illuminated signage is crucial in making people notice you. Storefront-illuminated letter signs are a simple, effective way to light up your business name so that everyone knows you are open and ready for customers. You can customize the colors of your lighting to be seen from far away or to represent your brand.
  • Versatility
    Channel letters offer many different styles, colors, designs, and fonts, all of which can be personalized to give your business a unique visual appeal. The more you differentiate yourself from your competitors, the more you will stand out in consumers’ minds.
    One design element that is particularly noteworthy is the variety of effects that you can create with lighting. Channel letters can be lit up from the front, back, or both; they can even have the light source emanating from within the letter-faces. Open-face letters are a beautiful addition to any storefront that is aiming for a retro look.
    Beyond storefront illuminated letter signs, these signs are versatile in application. They can be installed atop other signage, such as pylon signs or monument signs, to create a more unique, visually appealing sign. For example, you can capture the prestige of a monument sign and add a touch of modernity to complement a contemporary business, such as a hotel or spa.
  • Durability
    Another deciding factor for many people is durability. We understand you want your sign to last as long as possible and to look sharp the entire time. Our letters are made from durable acrylic for the letter faces and sturdy sheet aluminum for the body of the channel letters.
    We also make sure to educate new signage owners on the best maintenance practices, and our team is on-call for future repairs.

Call Us to Learn More

If you want to learn more about the benefits of channel letter signs, partner with Jacksonville Signs and Graphics. Our team is known for crafting beautifully impactful signage solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are confident we can create a sign that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Call us today to speak to a member of our team about your signage project.

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