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Get More Attention and More Leads with Real Estate Signs

Open House Signs in Jacksonville, FL

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Bored of the same old signs stuck in the front lawns of houses? Are you looking for real estate signs that will make you stand out in Jacksonville? You have come to the right place. In this article we are looking at how the humble coroplast sign helps you generate leads.

It’s not that the standard yard sign has become ineffective, but instead it’s that signs need to be deployed the right way to appeal to audiences. Let’s find out what you should be doing to promote your real estate business.

What are real estate signs?

The ‘For Sale’ and ‘SOLD’ signs are commonplace on front lawns up and down the country. They are a simple way of indicating that a property has just been put up in the market or just been sold. Typically, the sign also includes the name of the broker and sometimes a picture of a smiling face. These signs can be short signs for lawns, pillar and post signs or hanging signs to name a few. The vast majority use coroplast as the canvas for the sign.

Coroplast = CORrugated + PLASTic : An inexpensive and durable material that can be finely customized.

Custom yard signs will help you get more leads

Design them right and place them prominently and real estate signs will get you the attention you (and the property) need to flip it fast!

Build trust and awareness

Real estate is about trust, which is why the profile of the broker is so important. Buyers too rely more on physical advertising because it is easier to verify (the property on sale is usually near the sign). Being able to see the face of a realtor is a great way to build rapport. The more they see that face around the neighborhood, the more they are likely to trust it.

Appearing local

Property transactions are major decisions and people prefer to go with a ‘local’ realtor. Local presence suggests local knowledge and someone with connections who can also help with city permits, if need be. In addition to custom yard signs, also consider getting A-board frames. These are far more visible in the direction of travel, and they let you advertise around the neighborhood, rather than just the property you are handling.

Durable signs

What good is a sign if it decays or crumbles with the slightest hint of wind and rain. Coroplast is an extremely durable material that looks great week after week of being used. You have the peace of mind that your advertising is standing upright and promoting your business. In fact, since coroplast is so durable, realtors reuse their signs time and time again.

Affordable signage

The affordability of coroplast signs has two benefits. First, you recoup the cost of getting signs very fast, and, second, you can buy a large number of signs. More signs mean more locations to advertise, which means more attention for your brand.

About coroplast signs

Coroplast signs are the byword for real estate expertise. Corrugated plastic is a material with many benefits. It is lightweight, inexpensive, durable and allows digital printing. This flexibility of the material makes it a great option for short term signage and even containers. These signs are designed to be easy to install – requiring no more than a gentle push into the ground, or maybe a small hammer.

Sign company realtors trust

Jacksonville Signs & Graphics works with realtors around the city to design and build the perfect sign. Our signage packages are comprehensive and affordable, and we are committed to getting you the best signs. It’s not just our signs that are great, we work with you to make sure you are satisfied. Speak to a representative to receive a quote for your signs.

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