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Bring Your Business into the Spotlight with Illuminated Signs

Bring Your Business into the Spotlight with Illuminated Signs

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Running a late-night business can come with a lot of stress, but a proper signage system can help bars, restaurants, and other businesses make themselves and their brand visible to customers. With illuminated signs, you can light the way for people to find your business and navigate your place with ease.

At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, we offer a full-service experience to each of our customers. We handle everything related to signage, such as the initial consultation, finding the right design for their business, sign installation, ongoing maintenance, and repairs.

If you are interested in getting LED signs for your business, contact us.

Make Your Presence Known A well-lit storefront sign can help you make your presence known to potential customers and clients. If people do not know you are open for business, they could easily walk by. If you are operating after dark, maximize your visibility for those who drive past your business. Illuminated signs can help people identify and locate your business at night, in turn boosting your sales and leaving a memorable impact on your visitors.

Contemporary Designs

Another advantage of sign lighting is it allows you to create a custom contemporary design. LED neon lights are a fantastic way to capture the allure of neon signage with a more efficient LED lighting system. LED signs have improved drastically over the years, making them much safer and more energy efficient; they also boast a lifespan that is two to three times longer than their predecessors.

You can also opt for a channel letter sign, an easily customizable option in terms of shape, size, color, and type of lighting. Backlit letters create a warm, inviting look that is perfect for a gastropub or cocktail lounge, and can easily be designed to match your interior decor.

Enhance Safety and Security

Anytime you invest in business signage, you need to consider why you are using it and what benefits it will bring. In addition to attracting customers and boosting brand visibility, illuminated signs also serve a practical purpose by enhancing safety and security.

Well-lit storefronts not only make it easier for customers to find your establishment, but they also create a sense of security for both patrons and employees who are at the business late at night. Enhancing security is enough to help you attract customers who may otherwise feel vulnerable walking around specific businesses at night.

Discover the Power of Illuminated Signs to Improve Visual Appeal

If you are ready to light up your storefront with illuminated signage, call Jacksonville Signs and Graphics. We are confident that you will find the perfect signage solution for your business with our wide range of signage options. If it catches your eye, it will catch your customers’ too.

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