Advantages of Using Acrylic Signs for Business

BPC Acrylic Lobby Signs in Jacksonville, FL

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Premium, customizable, and affordable–what’s not to like about acrylic signs. Acrylic has transformed the signage industry with its premium look, enormous flexibility in design, and affordability. Instead of using fragile glass panes, you can use acrylic, which looks like glass but is far stronger. That’s great, but what does that mean for your business? How can you take advantage of custom acrylic signs?

3 Benefits to Using Acrylic Business Signs You Need to Know About:

This blog would be much longer if we tried listing out all the ways you can take advantage of acrylic signs. Instead, we’ll talk about 3 of the most common uses of acrylic.

Wayfinding Acrylic Display Signs:

If you’ve walked into any type of office or retail space in Jacksonville, you’ve almost definitely seen the green emergency exit signs on the ceilings. Virtually every commercial building has them because they are required by the fire safety code and building bylaws.

But that’s not all, wayfinding acrylic display signs are used to guide people around the premises, too. Acrylic directory signboards are popular, as are wall signs guiding people where they want to go.

1. Acrylic Name Plates:

Whether it’s a bank, your next-door H&R Block, or an office–almost all uses of acrylic name plates is to show who the occupant of the desk or room is. Acrylic door signs are installed on, you guessed it, doors; they even come with changeable inserts, so you don’t have to replace the entire plate whenever someone new comes in.

The other type of popular nameplate is the tabletop. These are, most often, used to show the occupant’s name and designation to visitors.

2. Custom Acrylic Signs:

Want something other than a nameplate or wayfinding sign? No problem! You can create virtually any type of sign out of acrylic–and that’s the third big advantage of this material. Give free rein to your creativity with acrylic and trust a team of professionals to bring your vision to life.

We can print any design, cut any shape, and customize the size according to your needs. Want to install lighting? We can do that too. In fact, LED lighted acrylic offers a stunning glow.

Are Plexiglass Signs Different?

For the most part, no, they’re not. “Plexiglass” has been formed from the word “Plexiglas”, a branded acrylic product. However, people often say plexiglass instead of acrylic, but they represent the same thing. If you say plexiglass to us, we’ll know what you’re talking about.

Acrylic Sign Printing in Jacksonville

Acrylic is an amazing material, so all acrylic business signs will look amazing, right? Wrong! Beware of low-quality acrylic signs that look like plastic, offer poor optical clarity, and scratch so easily. It’s why you should go with a trusted signage partner like Jacksonville Signs and Graphics for acrylic sign printing; we never cut corners on quality to offer cut-price signs.

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